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This forum is for use by members of Airwego - Virtual Airline only.

If you haven't yet joined Airwego then please visit - and register there as a pilot first


When registering please note the following;
  • Your Forum Username must start with your AWG Pilot and include your first name. i.e "AWG2-Richard"
  • All forum Accounts are activated manually. When you account has been processed you will receive a confirmation email from Airwego.
  • It may take up to twenty four hours to receive your confirmation email.
  • When you have received your email you are good to go!

We encourage regular visits to our Forum as we consider it to be the "heart" of our pilot community.

A great place to start will be the Welcome - New Pilots of our Forum.

There will be exclusive content published in the Forum that will not be available on the main website and frequent opportunities for our Crew Base to give their views on various projects.

If you don't want to talk "shop" there is always the "The Pilots Lounge".

It should be understood by ALL members of our community that we permit under sixteens (with parental consent) to fly with our virtual airline. All posts should be "family friendly" and not include inappropriate topics, language or links to external websites that may expose our crew base to improper material. Any such topics will be removed by the Forum Administrators.

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