The current staff of Airwego have over thirty years of combined Flight Simulation / Virtual Airline experience. Armed with this they ensure the day to day running of Airwego remains as smooth as possible.

Richard Myers - Chief Officer

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The Chief Officer of Airwego is responsible for maintaining the overall direction of Airwego as a relaxed, small but interesting and fun virtual airline to fly with the assistance of the management team.

Richard lives and works in North West England. He has been involved with Flight Simulation since 1998 and has been involved with virtual airlines for most of that time.

FSX is Richard’s “sim” of choice.

Tony Causer - Operations Director

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The role of Operations Director is to support the development of Airwego while maintaining operational integrity across all key areas in line with the various policies of Airwego.

Tony is a retired UK Corporate Director living in Portugal.

In 1990 he attained a UK PPL licence with IMC certification in real world aviation flying Piper Warriors, Tomahawks and Cessna aircraft.

He has used MS Flight Simulator since 1997 and been involved with Virtual Airlines for 15 years (including the original Airwego and its Noble Air beginnings). More recently he has flown for British Airways Virtual with over 1400 hours for them as a Senior Captain.

He is an experienced online pilot with ratings in both Vatsim and IVAO.

Rob Potter - Resources Manager

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The Airwego Resources Manager oversees the development of files required by our Crew Base.

This includes our aircraft fleet, scenery and other useful files designed to enhance your membership of Airwego.

Rob has been involved with Microsoft Flight Sim since it's earliest beginnings.

With memberships of virtual arilines stetching back over fifteen years Rob is very familiar with how VA's have changed over this period and understand the importantance of a comprehensive and interesting schedule.

In more recent years Rob has deployed his skills with various virtual airlines as a freelance aircraft painter and can also include scenery building skills in his repertoire.

FSX is currently Rob's Flight SImulator of choice.

Oliver Cooksey - Flight Operations Manager

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My name is Oliver, and I live in the sunny city of Perth, Western Australia.

I have been a member of the flight simulation community for over 7 years, and in that time I have gained a great load of experience. This includes a range of aircraft ranging from the basic, to study level, as well as expereience in the use of the online flight service 'VATSIM'.

In the possition of Flight Operations Manager I will be bringing my experience accross to AirWeGo where I will be organising training material for Pilots regarding online flight, organising online events, and answering enquiries regarding our operations. If you find an issue with a route or aircraft, i'm the man to talk to :)

Pete Beardsley - Human Resources Manager

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The Airwego Human Resoruces Officer processes PIREPS, maintains the Pilot Database and welcomes new pilots to Airwego.

Pete lives in Derbyshire at the very tip of the Trent Triangle.
Self employed by day and amatuer woodworker and gamer the rest of the time, he is relatively new to flight simming, having only made his first flight around two years ago and almost instantly becoming hooked.
Sim of choice is X Plane 11


Alyaan Ahmed - Marketing Manager

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