Norway Full Shift

Status: Active
Description: Short hops in a DHC6 around Norway making this an interesting trip out for anyone wanting to do a little flying of approx 464 miles by the seat of your pants stuff... Give it a go and on completion you'll get this award for doing so...

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Bergen (ENBR)Floro (ENFL)AWG7101DHC-678 nm
2Floro (ENFL)Orsta-Volda (ENOV)AWG7102DHC-647 nm
3Orsta-Volda (ENOV)Bergen (ENBR)AWG7103DHC-6116 nm
4Bergen (ENBR)Forde (ENBL)AWG7104DHC-668 nm
5Forde (ENBL)Sandane (ENSD)AWG7105DHC-628 nm
6Sandane (ENSD)Sogndal (ENSG)AWG7106DHC-650 nm
7Sogndal (ENSG)Bergen (ENBR)AWG7107DHC-677 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 463 nm