Airwego opened for virtual operations in March 2000. Planning and designing the virtual airline had started a few months earlier as a reaction to heavy restrictions imposed by a global virtual airline on their UK based management team.

The founding members of Airwego (Richard Myers, Ian Mayes & Bernie Stafford) wanted to create a virtual airline that was relaxed in its rules, enjoyable to fly with and created a strong sense of community. The opposite of the environment they found themselves with their current North American management based virtual airline.

While the name "Airwego" may sound strange at first it came about during a late night conversation between Ian and Richard. After several hours of brain-storming on several topics the subject of the what to call the new virtual airline came around. There we several suggestions from Lionwing Airways, Air Chester until Ian's quizzed his daughter on the topic and the reply came back "Here we go" which very quickly morphed in Airwego! With this important piece of the planning in place a website and fleet livery could be designed!

In 2000 web designing technology was far less sophisticated than it was to become. Automated flight reporting, fancy gizmo's showing who was online or online voice communications... no... none of that. A counter showing how many visits to the page was pretty much the top of the tree in terms of website design!

But gizmo's and fancy websites don't make a virtual airline... the pilots do! So with a management team of three and a handful of pilots, who had left the global "we fly every aircraft ever made aren't we grand" airline, to stick with Richard, Ian & Bernie Airwego opened it's doors and took off on a grand adventure in the virtual skies!

The original policy of Airwego was to be a relatively simple operation with a sensible aircraft fleet and interesting list of destinations. Manchester Airport was the principle base but flights also operated from Liverpool and Humberside Airport. Destinations in the UK and Europe featured using Boeing B737's, Airbus A320 & ATR42's but with the expansion of the management team to include the legendary Steve "it wasn't me" Chase and Danny "where's the runway" Cleavely the resources were in place to make Airwego more dynamic and unique.

Steve's passion was helicopter's. With a day job as a helicopter engineer at Humberside airport he was in a very envious position which gave him a great insight into the daily operations of a airport and more importantly one that service the gas and oil fields located in the North Sea. With this in mind Steve was tasked with creating a scenery package for Humberside and also with replicating helicopter operations in the virtual world for the benefit of those virtual aviators who wanted their wings to rotate! Steve duly delivered a superb scenery for the airport and a virtual rotary operation that was supported with excellent repaints, detailed missions & schedules and program of constant development. Can you guess what we called it... VertiGo!

By early 2001 the management team of Airwego was settled with Richard taking the role of CEO (so pompous) Ian looking after the Aircraft Fleet (also assisted by a young creative chap called Adam), Danny dealing with new recruits and publishing press releases, Steve running VertiGo and a very smart fellow by the name of Chris Dale looking after Flight Operations.

Alongside the introduction of VertiGo the fixed wing operations of Airwego also moved forward over the next couple of years with the introduction of long haul flights (and the 747), a special holiday charter livery called Sunspots, AWG Shuttle flying out of Humberside to small UK regional airports, a small Caribbean "retro" operation that flew the DC3, DC8 & Twin Otters and for a short period of time a small cargo division called..AirWeCarGo!

Airwego carried on until 2013 when through a combination of events the management team could no longer sustain the operation.

Danny & Richard had remained friends after leaving Airwego and flew together with several virtual airlines but never quite felt the old magic. Then a chance discovery that what remained of Airwego from 2013 had been preserved sparked an idea that perhaps Airwego could be restarted with Danny & Richard at the helm. Danny & Richard began to prepare for launching Airwego in the Autumn of 2014.

Through the first six months of operation Airwego developed into a popular VA attracting pilots from around the globe and expanding both the schedules and fleet.

Many pilots who had flown with Airwego in the past returned to the Pilot Roster with fond memories of the VA. In spring 2015 the Management Team reshuffled with Tony Causer (another former pilot) joining as Operations Director.