Like most organisations Airwego needs to have a few rules & regulations in place. However we try to keep them to a bare minimum and be as flexible as possible.


Flight Operations

This section covers your flying activities with Airwego.


Key Points

  1. On completing you application with Airwego we ask you to complete your first flight within seven days.
  2. You choose your virtual flights which you will book / bid for on through the website.
  3. Regardless of which base airport you selected when joining Airwego you can choose any flight from the timetable.
  4. The flight does not have to be flown at the exact time of day shown in the schedule although you should set your simulator software time to ten / fifteen minutes prior to the departure time published in the schedule to allow you to prepare for the flight.
  5. There is no requirement fly the outbound or inbound leg of a flight in sequence. (i.e if you wanted to fly from Manchester to London and then decided a flight from Manchester to Paris was your next flight you wouldn't have to fly back to Manchester first.)
  6. Hermes, our flight recording application, must be used to record the details of your flight. Details of how to setup up Hermes can be found in our forum.
    Manual PIREPS can be accepted in exceptional circumstances. You should contact a member of the Management Team if you need to file a manual PIREP.
  7. Time compression (sim rate) can be used where the published flight duration is more than five hours. A maximum of "x4" can be used. Our flight recording software (HERMES) recognised it has been used and wll only credit your log book with the actual flight time.
  8. Only PIREPS that use the correct aircraft type / model published in the Schedules will be accepted.


Resources are available on the website to help with your flight preparation including fight planners, fuel planners, additional scenery etc...


Beyond that there is no other requirement to complete an Airwego flight.


If you are comfortable flying online using the ATC services provided by VATSIM / IVAO then fine, you do not have to fly with "real world " weather or all the realism settings set to maximum.

Just enjoy your flight and then log your hours.


As your flight hours accumulate you will be promoted. Our pilot ranks are shown below.
Rank Flight hours required
First Officer 0 - 49
Senior First Officer 50 - 99
Captain 100 - 249
Senior Captain 250 - 499
Training Captain 500+

Your rank can be tracked through the Pilot Centre section of the website.


Airwego does not restrict the type of aircraft you can fly based upon your rank.


Any hours you have logged from flying with another Virtual Airline can be transfered. These hours, however, will not shown as part of your Airwego hours nor contribute to your rank with Airwego.

If you do not complete a flight within 90 days you will be 'retired', our Human Resources Manager will contact you to confirm if you still wish to fly with Airwego.



We encourage all pilots to visit the website frequently. As the website evolves more resources will be added to enhance your Flight Simulation experience.

News items are published on a regular basis concerning Airwego and discussions within the forums will develop.


Being part of this will not only benefit your own knowledge and experience but will also encourage other pilots and benefit a fantastic hobby.


Pilot Conduct

Good conduct is expected at all times when using the forum and interacting with other members.


Management Policy

The aim of Airwego is for all members to enjoy Flight Simulation and to have fun and relax while doing so. The Management Policy has this at it's core and it will remain our focus when making any decisions concerning Airwego.


Thank you.