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Airwego represents the original passenger airline section of the Airwego Group.

With UK hubs in Manchester, Humberside and Bristol as well as an Italian hub in Palermo, a Caribbean operation out of San Juan, Puerto Rico and a Scandinavian operation out of two bases in Norway, Airwego flies a mixed fleet of long and medium haul jets alongside regional turboprops to serve destinations throughout Europe and the Caribbean.

The diversity of flights available to our pilots is incredible with ranging from 15 minute Caribbean "island hops" landing on the world`s shortest commercial runway to intercontinental long haul flights of 11 hours.

The choice is vast. Airwego currently flies to around 200 destinations worldwide with new routes constantly added to our hub operations.

An ever expanding hub programme will see new regional areas added to this list making Airwego a truly dynamic division of the Airwego Group.

The symbol of the group is the Compass which will be seen on the tail plane of all our aircraft in the various coloured liveries, representing Airwego`s determination to fly our passengers to all points of that Compass.


AirweCargo is the freight dedicated division of the Airwego Group reformed in 2016 to serve a multitude of freight clients delivering a range of cargos worldwide dependant entirely on customer needs.

AirweCargo are based in the UK airport of East Midlands which has an excellent freight terminal and is the second largest cargo airport in the UK behind London Heathrow.

The AirweCargo fleet includes long and medium range heavy jets with plans to share shorter deliveries with turboprop freighters.
These aircraft include the McDonnell MD11 and Boeing 757F both firm favourites of many flight simmers.

As the need routes and destinations for AirweCargo are driven by our client need they can be varied and changing providing our pilots with new challenges on a regular basis.

As with all the Airwego Group routes these flights come complete with not only flight plans but the FMC plans for the designated aircraft in order our pilots can concentrate their time on the loading and flying of the freight.

We see AirweCargo as constantly growing and popular part of the Group`s expansion programme.



AirweGOLD is the "high end" luxury tour division of the Airwego Group.
It offers Grand Tours of the Continents of the World for clients who want the ultimate travel experience.

There are no fixed bases for AirweGOLD but as the operation unfolds aircraft will be based on each continent offering a series of flights to key locations.

Our Fleet of B757-200`s have had their cabins refitted to offer space, comfort with every convenience of 21st Century air travel to hand. Combined with the performance of the B757-200, attentive cabin crew and dedicated flight crew AirweGOLD will offer a unique virtual experience.

As with all Airwego Group Operations AirweGOLD is fully supported with repaints of both freeware (POSKY) and payware (Qualitywings) aircraft.

Flight-plans (including specific FMC plans), freeware scenery lists and specific "itinerary storybooks" for each tour will also be published and made available from the Downloads section of the Pilot Centre.

Full details of the Tours available can be found on the Our Bases and Routes page under the Multi-Link flights section.

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