Flying Online:
We are a VA that encourages its pilots to fly online whenever the opportunity arises.
Airwego have the choice of two organisations and the array of controllers each will have online, VATSIM and IVAO.
Our `Crew Centre` (Registration required) has all the details you will need to get flying online with the Airwego Group

Member Flights:
These sessions will take place regularly on a Thursday evening from 8pm until around 10pm and some Saturdays or Sundays (Times will be advised) but most flights will generally be around 2 hours stand to stand.
Flying online is not a requirement to join a 'Member Flight', these sessions are intended to introduce the Airwego Group crew to each other on Teamspeak (soon to change to Discord), chat about flight sim and much more.
Some of our members do fly online during these events, if you are curious or would like to get involved with flying online this is a great place to start where others can assist and advise.

We encourage the maximum of our members to fly online regularly with Vatsim or IVAO, for ATC sevices connect using the simple procedures outlined in our Crew Centre in `Member Flights or Online Activities`.

Tony Causer
Operations Director