The original Jersey was started way back in May 2000 and was known simply as Jersey Air, the intention then was to have a small virtual airline just doing shuttle runs in and out of Jersey (EGJJ).

By 2004 the hobby of flight simulation was going through a boom period with increased software development really starting to offer something to the 'flight simmer' and the internet as a media outlet was for the first time bringing hobbyist together in a virtual world of aviation.

Flight simulation had 'taken off' in a big way, soon we were to see commercial companies set up to develop aircraft models, scenery and a multitude of 'add ons', there were of course 'freeware' producers too, offering , in some cases, equivalent in quality as some of the commercial outlets.

This boom in interest pushed Jersey Air into developing too, members wanted to fly bigger aircraft on longer routes, and so after a rethink Jersey Europe was the re-branded name, with it came many more routes across the UK and Europe.

At this time also online ATC was becoming popular too, where as a pilot in your virtual aircraft you could enter an online virtual world with many other virtual pilots and receive virtual Air Traffic Control, this was without doubt the next level of flight simulation realism that many craved.

Jersey Europe grew too, the emphasis on flying regionally became history and soon JGA (Jersey Group of Airlines) became the name we were known as, the 'group' consisted of several airlines catering for many peoples tastes in flight, short hops, medium haul, long haul and even cargo flights were included, this period was without doubt a very good time for all involved.

It was with great regret that in late 2013 the JGA website became a target of cyber bullies and over a period of 3 weeks caused so much damage to the database the only option left to us was to close the website down, for many a very sad day.

July 2016, saw the rebirth of JGA, albeit a much smaller version of it's predecessor, focussed on 4 UK Hubs, Jersey and Exeter serving Regional and European flights, Gatwick with Regional, European and International flights and East Midlands catering for Cargo flights.

In late 2017 Andy (JGA CEO), who was already working closely with Airwego with their website development, approached Richard (AWG CO) and Tony (AWG OPS) with a view to bring both VA's together, their operations were very similar and there was no clash of bases, with only one area that was not standard to both VA's a compromise was achieved and the merger was on the cards...

JGA Europe was moving from being an entity in it's own right to being part of a group, in fact a division in the Airwego structure but keeping a clear identity, it was felt that to do this the only way forward was to return to our original VA name, so 2018 sees JGA Europe return to it's roots and the division will simply be known as 'Jersey'.

What does Jersey bring to the Airwego Group ?

Jersey brings with it 4 well established bases, Jersey (Our spiritual home), Exeter, Gatwick and Mallorca adding another 300+ schedules for all members to explore.

It also brings something which was new to Airwego, a core of members who fly online as a group in sessions known as 'Multiplayer Flights', this feature was to be adopted by the whole group and developed as an exciting extention to an already feature packed VA.

How does Jersey benefit from being a member of Airwego ?

As with any VA, it is only as good as the people behind the scenes, those that tirelessly push to develop something for members to really enjoy and be a part of, it is clear that Airwego has such members, together there is strength, a future for our combined efforts.

2018 brings a new future for Jersey as part of Airwego !