Flight simulators we try to support.

Given the different 'versions' of flight simulators available today and individual virtual pilots preferences to 'their' flight sim it would be difficult for us as a virtual airline to only follow a single flight simulator developer.
That said we also have to make it possible for us to manage our VA as best we can...

In the early days of flight simulation there was really only one version that stood out from the crowd and that was Microsoft Flight Simulator and like Airwego many of the early Virtual Airlines that came into being round about the year 2000 were based around that software, FS98 and the newly released FS2000.

Filght simulation software has come a very long way since those early pioneering days and so have Virtual Airlines...

Here at Airwego we have encompassed several versions of flight simulator software that have certain software characteristics, this has enabled us to offer a dedicated PIREP system that works with 5 of the most popular flight simulators available today.

A little dated as a flight simulator but there are many still using this software and our dedicated PIREP software 'Hermes' works well with it.
Still a very popular flight simulation software, our dedicated PIREP software 'Hermes' works well with it too.
FSX Steam Edition
The 'Steam' version of FSX also works with our dedicated PIREP software 'Hermes'.
The 'Next' generation of flight simulator software, originally based on the code of FSX there is also a 64bit version in P3D v4 while P3D v3 remains 32bit, our dedicated PIREP software 'Hermes' works with both versions.
Used by increasing numbers the latest versions 10 & particularly 11 are becoming quite popular within the flight simulator community, with an additional file FSUIPCX our dedicated PIREP software 'Hermes' works with both versions.