AirweGOLD is the "high end" luxury tour division of the Airwego Group.
It offers Grand Tours of the Continents of the World for clients who want the ultimate travel experience.

There are no fixed bases for AirweGOLD but as the operation unfolds aircraft will be based on each continent offering a series of flights to key locations.

Our Fleet of B757-200`s have had their cabins refitted to offer space, comfort with every convenience of 21st Century air travel to hand. Combined with the performance of the B757-200, attentive cabin crew and dedicated flight crew AirweGOLD will offer a unique virtual experience.

Additionally a further number of our 737-800 aircraft have also been deployed in AirweGOLD livery to meet growing demand.

As with all Airwego Group Operations AirweGOLD is fully supported with repaints of both freeware (POSKY) and payware (Qualitywings) aircraft.

Flight-plans (including specific FMC plans), freeware scenery lists and specific "itinerary storybooks" for each tour will also be published and made available from the Downloads section of the Pilot Centre.

Full details of the Tours available can be found on the Our Bases and Routes page under the Multi-Link flights section.