There are some individuals in the world fortunate enough to be able to indulge themselves so deep in luxury that nothing else will do!
Around the Crew Room we call them AirweGOLD pilots.

AirweGOLD is our "high end luxury" travel division offering continental tours of the world in aircraft fitted with every conceivable luxury of the 21st Century.
The 'GOLD' fleet is fitted to carry a small number of passengers which will keep your take-off weight low which will be a big advantage on some sectors as runways will be short and the altitude high!

The current fleet of B757-200's and B737-800's will soon be joined by the A318 all of which will be crewed by the most attentive cabin crew in the business to offer a unique virtual experience.

As with all Airwego Group Operations AirweGOLD is fully supported with repaints of both freeware (POSKY / Project Airbus / TDS) and payware (Qualitywings / PMDG / Aerosoft) aircraft.

Flight-plans (including specific FMC plans), freeware scenery lists and specific "itinerary storybooks" for each tour will also be published and made available from the Downloads section of the Pilot Centre.

Full details of the Tours available can be found on the Our Bases and Routes page under the Multi-Link flights section.