AirweCargo is the dedicated freight division of the Airwego Group reformed in 2016 to serve a multitude of freight clients delivering a range of cargos worldwide depending entirely on customer needs.

AirweCargo is based at East Midlands, London Stansted, Palermo, Palma & San Juan offering a true interconnected global freight solution.

The AirweCargo fleet includes long and medium range heavy jets with plans to share shorter deliveries with turboprop freighters.
These aircraft include the Boeing B747-400F, Boeing B777F and Boeing 757F all of which are firm favourites of many flight simmers.

As the need routes and destinations for AirweCargo are driven by our client need they can be varied and changing providing our pilots with new challenges on a regular basis.

As with all the Airwego Group routes these flights come complete with not only flight plans but the FMC plans for the designated aircraft in order our pilots can concentrate their time on the loading and flying of the freight.

We see AirweCargo as constantly growing and popular part of the Group's expansion programme.