The Airwego Group is a virtual airline focused on creating a fun & relaxed atmosphere for enthusiasts of Flight Simulation software in which they can enjoy their hobby.

There have been hundreds of virtual airlines over the years. Many will be direct replicas of real world airlines, flag carriers and the like. They will be tied to the aircraft fleet, hubs and schedules of their real world counterparts. Our operations here at the Airwego Group are based on real world scenarios but as we exist only here in the virtual world we are free to use, extend and explore the whole world, creating a fleet that serves the diverse preferences of our pilots, schedules that encompass the very best in available scenery and destinations that bring a mixture of both the serene and the challenging landing at the world`s largest and smallest airports.

A central rule of our fleet, hub and destination choice is the availability of both excellent freeware as well as sophisticated payware so that our member pilots don`t need bottomless pockets to pay for the enjoyment of their hobby.

With hubs already growing around the world we pride ourselves in that our virtual airline is a dynamic organisation, continually growing its fleet, hubs and new businesses year on year bringing yet more opportunities and challenges for our community to enjoy.

Indeed you will see that to encompass both our current and future plans for the development of our community we describe ourselves as the Airwego Group. This includes a number of Divisional Businesses such as Airwego (our central and always most prominent business) together with AirweCargo, a freight oriented company, bringing a whole new fleet and destinations to our offering and more recently AirweGOLD offering high end luxury tour packages.. In the near future other exciting new ventures will be added to what we see as an ever expanding Group.
As a Management Team we will provide you with tools such as premade flight plans to go in all the various aircraft type Flight Management Computers, our simple HERMES pilot reporting system and a host of other tailor made downloads to make your flights with us "as real as it gets".

The choice of when you fly, which flight you want to undertake and even how long you want to "pause" it due to real world interruptions, is entirely yours. This is a hobby and we want you to enjoy it your way so maximum landing rates, pause times or fly "from where you land" rules will never exist in Airwego!

We pride ourselves in welcoming member pilots of every level and diverse flight simulator choice. Most of our pilots use Microsoft FSX or FS9 simulators but we equally welcome those who have already migrated to Prepar3D and X-Plane. Our crews are made up of "old hands" with thousands of hours FS experience to literal newcomers taking their first steps in this fascinating hobby. They come from nations across the globe, helping each other and simply enjoying the Airwego community.

However our principal motto we live by is "MINIMUM RULES - MAXIMUM FUN"

All we ask is be helpful to others and most importantly - ENJOY YOURSELF!