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Operational Update - November

Posted by Richard Myers on 11/05/2017

Welcome to our penultimate Operational Update of 2017.

Three million miles…..that is the total distance of every Airwego flight ever flown since we reopened in 2014!

Contributing to that figure this month we have a further one hundred thousand miles along with one hundred and seventy four flight reports and over three hundred flight hours.

Adding to our figures in October are two new recruits with Rui (AWG191) and Shaun (AWG190) who have both made their first flights in full uniform. Welcome guys and thank you both for signing up our forum also.

Pete (Human Resources Manager) has earned his Captain stripe recently and will now proudly display an addtional gold bar..

In further promotion news one of our most prolific flyers (and social media contributors) Anthony (AWG135) is now a Training Captain. Anthony’s regular flow of PIREPS and accompanying images often see him flying several sectors a day. Well done Anthony and Pete and thank you both for “Flying the Compass”.

Elsewhere within our crew base Nour (AWG080) has just completed the AirweGOLD South American Tour while Tony (Operations Director) is currently working his way through this excellent, and at times challenging, group of flights.

The tour “package” is available from the Downloads section of the website and includes a detailed itinerary, flights plans and a comprehensive scenery list to support the various destinations.

Three pilots run the risk of being “retired” as we have had no PIREPS for over ninety days from Dave (AWG174), Grant (AWG065) and Ron (AWG185)...come on guys...get a PIREP in promptly please!

One of our B737’s,“Romeo Echo”…(Purple Ronnie), was our most popular aircraft in October with seventeen rotations from its Manchester base.

"Purple Ronnie" on stand at Luton shortly after it's repaint into our "retro" livery.

We are delighted to announce that Alyaan (AWG138) has joined our Staff Team in the position of Market Manager. Alyaan will take responsibility for profiling our VA across related websites and social media platforms.

In one of his first actions as Marketing Manager Alyaan has established a Instagram account to complement our Facebook and Twitter outlets. You can find our Instagram account here.

Over the next few months Alyaan will continue to raise our profile and implement a marketing plan to ensure we are recognised as a strong community focused virtual airline.

Early discussion has taken place about hosting an “online event”. At this stage the finer details are to be decided however it will likely include an element of online ATC participation via the VATSIM or IVAO networks for those pilots comfortable in that environment alongside our Team Speak server which will be available for “chat” and to those pilots who wish to join the event but not under ATC (VATSiM or IVAO) control. More details to follow.

In the very near future we will be launching a brand new website.

It has been under development for several months with the concept, design and features stages heavily discussed within the Management Team. It is currently undergoing review and testing.

As with the current website it will be easy to navigate and contain a depth of information allowing our crew to immerse themselves to a level of realism they are comfortable.

At the heart of the new website will be a feature rich Crew Centre. Loosely based on the current “Pilot Centre” this will be a key area for our crew. From here you will be able to manage all areas of your membership of Airwego, review both virtual airline wide and personal flight information, book flights using a new powerful search function and plan your flights before taking to the virtual skies.

Andy, who oversees the “technical” areas of Airwego, has managed the project and will continue to refine the website over the next few weeks with a launch expected in December.

The need for an updated website was prompted partly by coding / hosting issues which with the current site would have caused problems in early 2018 and the desire to add further functionality and “eye-candy”.

We look forward to receiving your feedback in the new site in December.

The season of Advent will soon arrive. With that, as we have done over the last few years, we will be operating a series of seasonal charters that will visit Father Christmas in Lapland. The flights will operate from our UK bases using B737’s and A320’s to Rovaniemi, Ivalo and Kittila.

A forum post will be created with links to suitable scenery for the Festive Charters and you are invited to share screenshots of your flights to see Father Christmas - tinsel in the cockpit will be permitted!

A NOTAM will be issued when the flight details are published.

Don’t forget if you want to join in any of our discussion you can visit our forum or visit us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

...and as we finish for this month thank you all of our currently active forty nine pilots for Flying the Compass!

Operational Update - October

Posted by Richard Myers on 10/01/2017

Welcome to our October Operational Update.

Normally we start with a round of new pilots and promotions. Well not today!

The first item on our agenda is the winner of our very first screenshot competition. We received three entries and thank you to everyone who took the time to send a image.

With a great shot showing one our B737's landingJan (AWG154) wins the competition and the prize of a product from the UK2000 Extreme Airports or VFR product series. The image is well times with the main gear on the runway, spoilers deployed with the nose wheel ready to settle on the runway. It conveys great motion and speed while showing of the fine detail of the aircraft in particular around the undercarriage.

Well done Jan. We will be in touch shortly to organise your prize with UK2000.

Now to our usual business.

Three new pilots joined our VA in September. Adam, Carl and Thomas have picked up their new uniforms with just Thomas to make his first flight. We do appreciate new pilots making their first flights promptly as it allows the Staff Team to engage with them by adding comments to their PIREPS welcoming and congratulating them on taking their first steps with Airwego.

Carl has gone one step further and introduced himself in the forum.

There is a brand new Senior First Officer in our ranks. Vasilis (AWG0164) has earned his extra stripe over the last few weeks with a regular flow on PIREPS. Well done Vasilis and thank you for Flying the Compass.

Four pilots will receive emails from Pete (HR) in the next few days as we haven’t seen a flight from them for sometime.

Neil (AWG89), Jessica (AWG158), Michael (AWG173) and Tyler (AWG180) haven’t flown for over ninety days. Time to get back on the Flight Deck as soon as you can please!

Tony (AWG135) accounted for a nearly 20% of our flights during September. Tony is a prolific pilots who contributes regularly to our Facebook Group with some fantastic images as he works through a “day's work”. Keep it up Tony!

Another regular contributor to our Facebook Group is Nour (AWG080). Nour has been sharing some detailed reports of the brand new AirweGOLD Tour across South America using our B757-200. Accompanied with great screenshots and interesting text Nour is certainly conveying both the navigational challenges and scenic delights on offer across continent.

If you use Facebook we invite you to be part of our private Facebook Group. It can be found here.

Our B737-800 is a popular aircraft in the “real world” and with our virtual operations. It was flown forty seven times in September by our crew with the Q400 just one flight behind. Shall we show some love for the Airbus A320 and A318 in October?

All pilots should ensure they are using the most current version of HERMES (v1.0.1.11). The latest version has many improvements over older versions with improved layout, easier readability along with key information relevant to fight preparation. Visit the Downloads page to access the most current version.

The Northern Hemisphere Summer is well and truly finished with Autumn arriving.

With this change in the weather comes a change in our schedules as we withdraw some services to “sunshine” destinations and replace them with Winter Holiday flights.

So if flying a cabin full of “snow sports” enthusiast appeals then perhaps Zurich, Sion, Chambery or Salzburg might interest you? If you still want to find the sunshine then maybe the Azores might be your ideal destination?

You want more schedule updates?

Our long-haul route network from Manchester has been expanded to include Mumbai, Moscow, Johannesburg, Guangzhou and Toronto.

The new routes will be operated by our B787-800 with varying weekly frequencies.

All of our routes, including the new routes above, have prepared flight-plan available in various formats from our Downloads page.

Check the “Our Bases & Routes” page for the updated schedules.

Our base at Palermo (LICJ) until recently operated a entire UK registered fleet of aircraft. With the introduction earlier this year of Italian registered B737-800’s this left the Q400 and E170 fleet flying the Union Flag. This has now changed with all aircraft flying from Palermo now carrying the Italian Flag and registrations. The various download packages for the Q400 and E170 have been updated to include the updates.

Some of the aircraft in our popular B747-400F Fleet have had a livery update. The aircraft were originally delivered in “stripped” back version of our popular compass livery. After reviewing pilot feedback we decided to apply the standard livery across some of the aircraft including additional aircraft yet to see active duty.

All packages (PMDG and POSKY) have been updated to include both the new registrations and livery updates which are available from the Downloads page. Thank you to Rob (Resources Manager) and Simon (AWG045) for their hard work on this project.

If you have a few minutes spare why not download the brand new AirweGOLD Tour of South America?

The download includes .pdf files giving a detailed itinerary for each leg of the flight, scenery suggestions, a full set of flight-plans and the opportunity to fly into airports that we wouldn’t normally operate to.

For users of FSX and P3D ORBX have recently published a freeware product called “openLC Mesh South America”. This product will improve the topography of the continent bringing another level of realism to your flights throughout the tour.

Thank you for reading.

Happy Flying.


Operational Update - September

Posted by Richard Myers on 09/04/2017

Welcome everyone to our September Operational Update...often referred to as the OU in the Crewroom.

First up let me introduce a new recruit who you may have seen filing a few PIREPS recently. Will (AWG186) joined Airwego last month fresh from qualifying for his PPL (Private Pilot's License) in the real world. Welcome Will and if we could trouble you to visit the forum and say "Hi" I have no doubt you will receive a very warm welcome.

We have two new Senior Captains with Nathan (AWG051) and Jan (AWG154) earning the extra stripe. Jan is a regular flyer for Airwego with over a dozen flights in August and great to see Nathan in the Crew Room once more. With five flights completed since our last OU David (AWG182) has earned a promotion to Senior First Officer. Well done to you all.

Our two more prolific flyers in August have been Tony (AWG135) and Nour (AWG080). With seventy flights and over one hundred and twenty hours between them they will have spent very little time in the Crew Room so if you see them passing through they are no doubt heading for their next flight rather than a coffee!

The Manchester to Edinburgh route was the most popular sector last month with it being flown six times. The B747-400F is continuing to be very popular with it taking to the skies twenty four times in August while our fleet of B737's & A320's continue to be flown regularly and nice to see the Embraer E170 becoming a frequent choice of aircraft with our crew. The rumble of "RB211's" can also be heard quite frequently as our B757's continue to fly either as part of AirweGOLD, AirweCargo or from our San Juan Base.

It is a "natural" part of running a Virtual Airline that crew members come and go. We generally are very patient with new recruits while we await their first flights but this month we have had to "retire" six crew members who have not flown a single flight between them. You will have received this email and likely several prompts to "Fly the Compass" but have decided that Airwego isn't the VA for you.

Honestly we don't want to let you go and fully recognise that "real world" issues take priority. However why not take a good look across our website once more and pick out a flight before we ask for the uniform back?

Speaking of returning uniform...Ben (AWG181) and Moritz (AWG183)...sorry guys we have had to "retire" you so please pack up your unused uniform and send it back.

Before we carry on Pete (our HR Officer) presents me every month with a excellent overview of our crew base. This information I digest and as above us it to open up the OU. Thanks for the hard work Pete!

This September we will be running our very first screenshot competition with a fantastic prize from the VFR Airfields or Extreme Airports range of UK2000 Scenery. We have chosen a theme for the competition of "Touchdown".

Your image should show a Airwego aircraft (passenger or cargo) at the moment of touchdown at any of our destinations.

Now this is the important bit. When you have taken your screenshot it should then be sent to me. A link to to the screenshot is preferred but if you would rather email me the image then that is fine.

Entries for the competition should be received by the 24th September 2017. I will then upload all images to our forum and Facebook Group (This way the author of the entry remains anonymous.) where all of our crew can then vote on them through to the end of the month (30th).

You can submit a maximum of three entries to the competition.

All currently active Crew and Staff (except me) can enter.

The image with the most votes wins and we will then arrange your prize through Gary at UK2000.

If you need help on taking a screenshot then this thread in the forum will help - How to take a screenshot.

So don't be shy...get snapping and send me your entries.

AirweGOLD : Tony (Operations Director) has created a brand new tour covering the fascinating continent of South America.

Starting out from our base at San Juan where many passengers may have either arrived on our services into this airport or via the many cruise ships that visit Puerto Rico. The first legs of the tour take you south as far as Punta Arenas before the long journey back to San Juan. On route you will have visited Bogata, Easter Island, Galapagos Islands, Buenos Aires, the Atacama Desert and Santiago to name just a few.

As with our previous tour a comprehensive set of documents has been prepared and is available from the Downloads section of the website (under Cockpit Documents). A full tour itinerary (with many points of interest included), flight-plans and a list of scenery is included in the package.

A second B757-200 (G-BECH) has been repainted into the unique AirweGOLD livery with a refitted cabin carrying just thirty eight passengers with every modern comfort of 21st Century air travel. As flight deck crew for this prestigious tour the opportunity to enjoy the key locations within the itinerary will be available to you as well as perhaps engaging with local tour companies for "up close" sightseeing in either small propeller aircraft or helicopters. However preparation for some of the sectors will be very important as South America features many challenging airports either surrounded by high terrain, subject to rapidly changing weather conditions of approaches demanding full concentration...or maybe all three!

Pay a visit the the "Our Bases and Routes" section of the website and look for the AirweGOLD section to view full details of the tour.

In the near future three of our B747-400's will be repainted into our standard livery. Currently these aircraft carry a variation of our colours reflecting the age of the aircraft. Work is currently progressing on the freeware (POSKY) and payware (PMDG) aircraft with completion expected in the next few weeks.

With the "high" holiday season coming to an end in Northern Europe some seasonal schedule updates will be published at the end of the month. Flight frequency to some "sunspots" will be reduced, or removed, with the aircraft concerned being deployed on routes to Winter Holiday destinations.

Flights to Vienna, Geneva, Sai Miguel (Azores) and Chambery will feature through the Winter using our B737-800 and A320 fleet.

A NOTAM will be published to reflect the changes.

A updated version of HERMES (our flight recording software) was released last month. V1.0.1.11 has a redesigned layout and new features. All crew should ensure they are using this version which is available from the Downloads page.

Thank you for reading!

Operational Update - August

Posted by Richard Myers on 08/06/2017

Welcome to our August Operation Update...usually known as the "OU" in the Crew Room.

Through July you may have seen three new faces around the Crew Room with Ric (AWG184), Moritz (AWG183 and Ronnie (AWG185) all receiving new company uniforms and thumbing through our Operations Manual. Both Ric (eleven flights ) and Ronnie (two flights) have started to add hours to their log books while Moritz has yet to get airboure?

Need any help Moritz?

Ric has taken advantage of a feature on the Pilot Centre allowing you to upload your own "avatar" with Ric's selection being a personal favourite character of mine! Great work Ric.

Interestingly Ronnie came by Airwego via VATSIM. During a recent flight down to the sunshine island of Ibiza I started chatting to Ronnie initially discussing planned approaches moving onto virtual airlines and then sharing a few screenshots post-flight.

Welcome to Airwego Moritz, Ric and Ronnie...long may you all Fly the Compass. (Don't forget to register and introduce yourself in the Forum)

Our pilot based during July has been very active with two hundred flights completed. Tony (AWG135) tops the list with forty flights completed but with just short of one hundred hours logged Alyaan (AWG138) continues to show his dedication to long haul flights.

A single, but very important, promotion occurred in July with Nour (AWG088) achieving our highest rank available. Nour can proudly demonstrate his commitment to our VA with a full set of well earned stripes with the rank our Training Captain bestowed upon on.

Nour has been a frequent flyer with Airwego and active across our forum and social media channels with regular contributions. Many of his interesting flights have been discussed such as flying on "manual" from Manchester to Istanbul and getting a nasty surprise in the form of severe weather while flying the Oceania and Australasia AirweGOLD tour more recently.

Well done Nour and thank you for being part of Airwego.

Cargo flights proved popular in July. Our newly introduced B747-400F was flown nineteen times with the B757 completing fourteen flights.

From our mainstream schedules the B737-800 wasn't the most popular aircraft with it coming in second place. Topping the passenger schedules is the Q400 just with forty seven flights completed.

The E170 moved off the bottom of the chart with the A318 now occupying that position. Can we have some love shown the A318 in August?

One final note from our statistics in July. Oliver (AWG157) achieved four positive landing rates! I sure the passengers appreciated his precision flying.

After a break the Route of the Month has returned. Flight Operations Manager Oliver Cooksey has chosen a B747-400F route of under two hours to the heart of Europe from London Stansted. Full details can be found on the main page.

After serving us well since early 2016 we have updated HERMES - our flight recording software.

The layout has been improved and additional data fields added to aid flight preparation.

Within the additional information are aircraft weights. For those who include this information in their flight planning you can now easily access key figures from the primary screen ensuring you remain within the performance window of the aircraft.

Also added is a "Minimum Fuel at Destination". This is a based upon a procedure used by real world airlines whereby a figure is calculated by the Flight Operations Team in advance of the fight that the flight crew must ensure is in the fuel tanks upon arrival. It is very much safety and to some extent commercially driven. Along with sensible landing rates it might also give you something to measure your airmanship against but please remember it, along with landing rates, will never form the basis for a rejected PIREP...it is simply there to enhance your experience with Airwego if you wish to acknowledge it.

The News tab has been removed from HERMES and replaced with the Company NOTAMS. We felt this was more relevant to flight preparation than the New page.

Three supporting documents has been updated to reflect the changes to HERMES. The Cockpit Flight Log and Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) which are both available from the Downloads page have been updated. The SOP includes details on fuel planning and will assist in this area. The Cockpit Flight Log has had various field names changed to align with HERMES.

The final document that has been changed is the "Aircraft Weights" document which can be found in the Pilot Reference Materials section of the Flight School section of the forum.

Full installation instructions are included with the new version of HERMES while the HERMES support section of the forum has been updated explaining the installation and setup procedure.

The Forum is a key area of Airwego and at the centre of our community. We do encourage regular visits and certainly would like all of our crew members to be registered there. Within the forum you will find a huge range of topics from "banter" through to general operational queries and suggestions for improving Airwego. Please drop in as often as you can.

AirweGOLD - this is the premium luxury travel division of Airwego. It's schedules allow you to explore parts of the world where perhaps your mainstream flight wouldn't take you. The current tour covers Oceania and Australia using our B757-200. The tour has several legs but there is no obligation to complete of of the sectors...just pick those that you prefer and submit your PIREP.

In September a brand new AirweGOLD Tour will be published. This tour will cover South America with some fascinating destinations and challenging airports. As with the current tour it will feature detailed supporting documentation. A Tour Itinerary, flights plans and tour map are included allowing you to explore this amazing continent onboard our B757. Throughout the tour there are destination where you are encouraged to explore the surrounding region perhaps in a light aircraft or helicopter if you wish.

Current tour details can be found on the Bases and Routes page.

Don't forget to send a postcard.

Another announcement concerning September will be a Screenshot Competition. UK2000, publishers of high quality scenery, have offered a product from their Extreme Airport or VFR Airfields as a prize in this first for Airwego. The competition will have a theme which we will publish later this month with the winner to be decided by which entry receives the highest number of votes. So...get your screenshot program ready and start practicing.

We currently have discount arrangements with Aerosoft, Virtualcol and UK2000. Virtualcol offer a 30% discount from their store with Uk2000 offering 20%. The required codes can be found in the "General Discussion Forum / Recommended Websites & Downloads / Airwego Pilot Discounts" section of the forum.

Aerosoft offer a 20% discount on application on the list of products listed in the forum link above.

Thank you for reading.

Operational Update - July

Posted by Richard Myers on 07/03/2017

Welcome to our July Operational Update.

As always we start with news from within our Crew.

There are three promotions to report this month with Perry (AWG168) making Senior First Officer and Oliver (AWG157) earning his Captain stripe. The third promotion goes to Alyaan (AWG138) who in less than forty flights has logged over two hundred and fifty hours! Alyaan is a huge fan of our long haul routes and has shown a lot of dedication to achieve this rank in a short space of time.

Well done to all three crew members with their promotions.

Two new pilots joined Airwego in June. David (AWG182) and Ben (AWG181) have decided to Fly The Compass as part of their virtual careers. Currently their uniforms hang unused in the Crewroom while we await their first PIREPS.

If you haven't flown in the last ninety days, we know who you are, you will shortly receive a email from Pete (Human Resources) with a little prompt reminding you to stay "active" and file a PIREP> We fully understand that hobbies are not a priority with commitments elsewhere absorbing time in which we are sure you would rather be on the virtual flight deck. Please take the time to reply to Pete's email and if we can assist with the situation we will do everything we can.

Seven pilots...yes seven pilots have signed up recently but not yet found their way to the virtual flight deck and completed a flight in Airwego colours. I'm sure the reasons for not fully enraging with our like minded community are perfectly valid but hopefully once you have completed our application process, signed in and downloaded the required files to Fly The Compass you have the same level of enthusiasm to file a PIREP? If you have joined Airwego recently, not flown and need some help or have a query then please contact a member of the Staff Team.

Over the last three months our most popular route has been Manchester (EGCC) to Brussels (EBBR). The route has been flown a total of twenty one times and in the same period 44% of our flights originated from our Manchester (EGCC) schedules.

During June the B737-800 series aircraft was flown almost forty times by our crew with the Dash 8-Q400 not far behind. There is a large gap then with the B787-800 getting airborne sixteen times during June with similar numbers for the DHC6, A318 and A320 aircraft. In single digits is the Embraer E170 which considering the large number of routes available from our European Bases is a little suprising?

Oliver (AWG157) has joined our Staff Team with a brief to assist with our Flight Operations. Oliver's brings plenty of experience to Airwego as well as a excellent level of knowledge of flight simulation. Oliver's recent activities as part of the Staff Team have involved reviewing our Aircraft Fleet ensuring we have the correct information entered in our database as well as creating introductory documents explaining the use of VATSIM which can be viewed in our forum. Click here to view the topic.

Flying "online" with ATC control, as offered by VATSIM, is a area several of our crew have experience in. Oliver is one of the experienced in using the services provided by VATSIM and is organising a Airwego session using VATSIM for next weekend (date to be confirmed on Wednesday 5th July). The flight will depart Manchester for Bergen with the aircraft choice at pilot discretion. Providing HERMES is used to log the flight all hours for this session will count toward your logbooks.

More information regarding this project will be distributed over the next few days with a topic in the forum currently developing and dealing with pilot queries related to the event. Click here to view the topic.

"Big Jets and Beaches"...that is the title given to our latest Multi-Link flight available from our San Juan Base (TJSJ). This new flight is spread over four legs departing from San Juan (TJSJ) firstly with the famous approach into St.Maarten (TNCM) over Maho Beach. After a short turnaround you will depart for Miami (KMIA) and then fly the whole route in reverse...all in a single day!

The flight is available to be flown in either our B757-200 or A318's based at San Juan. Click here for flight details.

Our schedules do feature several Multi-Link flights using aircraft from the Twin Otter through to the MD-11. They typically comprise several legs departing from one our bases either flown over a few hours or taking several "virtual" days to complete.

The current AirweGOLD tours use this format departing from Sydney with excursion a around Australasia and Oceania before returning to Sydney. With our focus on enjoying flight simulation there is no obligation to fly all of the legs of our the AirweGOLD tour, or indeed any of our Multi-Link flight. Simnply book the legs you are interested in and fly them!

Full details of all Multi-Link / AirweGOLD flights can be found on the "Our Bases and Routes" page.

A few small edits will be made to the schedules over the next few weeks. The reasoning behind this relates to several flights taking place during the hours of darkness. With our schedules we like to replicate "real world" schedules as best we can however we all perhaps have many gigabytes invested in scenery which with night flights we cannot enjoy as fully as we can during daylight.

With this in mind we will try to reduce the number of night flights to maximise your enjoyment of the splendid scenery available for FS9, FSX, X-Plane 10 & 11 and P3D.

A NOTAM will be published when the changes have been made. All NOTAMS can be viewed from the Pilot Centre.

Happy flying!


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