Posted By: Richard Myers

Date: 07/02/2018

Another OU due so soon?

Seven new pilots joined the Airwego Group in June. Callum, Stephen, George, Jacob, Gerard, Ant and Rohan have all picked up new uniforms, furnished themselves with all of the required files from our website and aside from Jacob, Rohan and Gerard completed their first flights.

Jacob, Rohan and Gerard...let’s get you guys flying as soon as possible. If you need any assistance then please contact a member of the team, visit the forum or use our Facebook Group.

Throughout June Pete (HR) processed two hundred and thirty six PIREPS. Forty eight of those flights used aircraft from our Long Haul Fleet (B747, B777 & the B787) . The single most popular aircraft type was the Airbus A319 which flew fifty six times while the ever popular B737-800 completed forty eight flights.

The Q400 showed strongly within the figures as did the Twin Otter but we might need to show the Embraer E170 some “TLC” as it only flew six times.

Nearly four million kilos of were fuel burned by our fleet in June, over twenty five thousand virtual passengers transported and the equivalent of seven times around the globe have been flown. Well done to all of our crew!

Stephen (AWG233) was our busiest pilot in June with a high number of PIREPS at thirty and over one hundred hours flown. Well done Stephen and thank you for “Flying the Compass”.

Staying on the topic of Stephen we are delighted to announce he has accepted a position on our Staff Team as Projects Manager. Stephen has many years of involvement in virtual airline management being a founder member of the highly regarded British Airways Virtual (BAV).

As Projects Manager Stephen will oversee further development of the Airwego Group bringing to bear his years of experience, knowledge and no shortage of enthusiasm as we seek to offer the best resources we can to all virtual aviators.

Stephen has already got his head down under the parapet on a great new development for the Airwego Group which we expect to deliver toward the end of 2018.

P3D is Stephen’s preferred flight simulator platform and while he is proficient with most modern jets the Majestic Q400 is occupying his time. Away from our shared hobby Stephen works of the Ambulance Service in Norfolk where he lives with his family.

Further details on Stephen can be found on the Staff page.

A long time member of the Staff Team, Pete (HR), has accepted the position of Recruitment Director. Pete has been part of our team since 2016 diligently processing PIREPS and administering our Pilot Database.

With his new role Pete will offer input on the wider development of the Airwego Group while focusing on developing pilot and staff recruitment strategies. Pete will also be looking at refining how we manage our Pilot Database, communicate with our crew and look to review the current Pilot Reward system we have in place.

We are looking forward to working with Pete.

One project our newly appointed HR Director has been championing is the “VA List”. The VA List is a website used by VA’s to profile their activities and recruit crew members. Every month the VA’s can be voted for which will then see them move up the “charts” and attracting pilots.

Over the last few months Pete has posted in the forum and Facebook Group to encourage our crew members to vote for the Airwego Group. If you haven’t already then please register with the VA List and add your votes!

The VA List can be found here.

The twice weekly event calendar is taking a break until September when it will return giving our crew members the opportunity to either just chat while sharing a flight or use online ATC services (IVAO / VATSIM) with experienced Airwego Group pilots on hand to offer support.

Finally if we ask for you to vote for a new Featured Route which will become active from the second week of July. More details in the Forum and Facebook Group page.


Enjoy your flights.

Posted By: Richard Myers

Date: 06/03/2018

Welcome everyone to our June 2018 Operational Update.

We start this month by introducing you to John (JSY033).

The 8-bit computing era of the 1980’s was John’s first exposure to flight simulation but the “bug” didn’t bite until the purchase of FS98.

From there John’s worked his way through the various incarnations of Microsoft Flight Simulator settling with FSX which as many of our crew will know has been around a long time and allowed many of us to expand our virtual aircraft hangars and scenery collection. John is no exception to this. John is currently using P3D.

Prior to joining JGA (Jersey) in 2001 John spent a year flying with British Airways Virtual. Very shortly after joining JGA John began to assist Andy in the running of the VA helping out. Processing PIREPS, writing news articles and general administration fell under John’s stewardship including grumbling about “heron stealing the fish out of my pond”. I’m assured long serving JGA / JSY crew will understand this reference.

As JGA evolved into My-Air John stood down from his role concluding that Andy was a “hard taskmaster”.

With a twenty year virtual career, seventeen of those with JGA John now finds himself passing through the Airwego Crewroom with anticipation of a bright future. John’s current aircraft hangar includes many JGA liveries which he uses for his virtual flights acknowledging the strong connection he has to his former virtual employer.

Thank you John for helping with our Featured Pilot section of the OU.

Of our ten ten new recruits in May we have received flight reports from just four. Thank you to Bachir, Kevin, Marcus and Michael. We hope you enjoyed your flights and look forward to seeing you progress through the ranks. Welcome to you all and thank you for joining the Airwego Group.

Six new recruits (Jason, Roman, David, Thomas, Chris and Daniel) haven’t yet found their way to the ramp but hopefully have downloaded all the required files such as HERMES, aircraft and the wide range of resources we have available in preparation. If you need any help guys then please contact a member of the team or post a questions on the Forum or Facebook Group.

Martin (AWG107) has achieved the rank of Training Captain, the highest we have in the VA, recently. Martin has amassed his five hundred hours with several flights per week typical no longer than three hours with his first flight in February 2016. Congratulations on your promotion Martin and thank you for “Flying the Compass”.

Joining Martin with a promotion this month is Chris (AWG209). Chris is a X Plane flyer and a regular contributor to our Facebook Group ans well as providing X Plane repaints for inclusion on our Downloads page. The Senior First Officer stripe now proudly displays itself on Chris lapel.

Through May we carried over twenty four thousand passengers and burned our way through two million pounds (value) of fuel. Our Boeing Fleet made one hundred flights but the most popular aircraft was the Airbus A319 while the enduring Twin Otter made over forty flights.

Within our database we do have crew who haven’t flown for sometime. Some of those we understand the reasons for while others have perhaps drifted away from the VA for reasons unknown. We do contact the absent pilots but would like to remind all crew one flight every ninety days is our minimum requirement.

Returning to our ranks recently are Mr & Mrs Wookey. Both Robert and Rebecca have been with the Airwego Group for several years and recently reported their marriage to the team. Is this is a first for a VA? Congratulations to you both and we wish you a lifetime of happiness.

Another crew member I would to acknowledge is Oldrich (AWG47). Oldrich has recent completed one hundred flights with Airwego. Well done Oldrich.

Over many years the Airwego Group has built up a wide range of resources to enhance your enjoyment of flight simulation.

Many of these can be found on the Downloads page and of you look beyond aircraft repaints you will find our prepared flight-plans (including FMC files for various payware products), scenery and a range of documents from checklists, Standard Operating Procedures and of course the fantastic AirweGOLD Tour itineraries.

If you dig deeper and visit the Flight School section of the Forum you will find more material designed to expand your knowledge of flight simulation.

One resource which we acknowledge is consistently under used is our Team Speak (TS) server. This facility allows for voice communication between our crew and is primarily used for the regular Tuesday / Thursday events hosted by our Events Manager, Dave Taylor.

If you visit the Multiplayer / Online Activities section of the Crew Centre you will find more details on TS and how to set the software up.

Looking for some new routes? Well our Southend Timetable recently expanded with flights to Sweden, Spain, France and Croatia. More details can be found on the Southend Schedule page with a list of scenery for the new destinations has been published in the forum.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your flights.

Posted By: Richard Myers

Date: 05/06/2018

We start this months OU slightly differently with a new section that will appear frequently over the coming months.

At the heart of a successful organisation are its people. Whether it is a business or one focused on a hobby, like Airwego, it would be nothing without the dedication, commitment and energy of those who involve themselves in it.

Within our crew (..and Staff Team) we have many people who are examples of nouns used above. Within the OU I would like to tell you a little about Muhammad (AWG070).

As you can tell by Muhammad’s Pilot ID he has been with the VA for a while...August 2015 in fact. Muhammad’s interest in aviation goes back to his childhood watching Indonesian Air Force P51 Mustangs at aerobatic displays. After a unsuccessful application to join the Air Force Muhammad enjoyed a lengthy career with Indonesian Customs and Excise including a four year assignment to Hong Kong.

1997 was the year Muhammad came to flight simulation fying with the now defunct Central UK VA flying turbo-props from East Midlands. During his time with Airwego Muhammad has flown over one thousand hours and files PIREPS almost everyday.

Thank you Muhammad for providing the information to include in our new “Featured Pilot” section of our Operational Update.

Three new pilots have found their way to our VA recently with Calum, (AWG218), Christopher (AWG220) and Andrea (AWG221). Welcome to you all and thank you to Calum and Christopher for their first PIREPS. Andrea if you need assistance with your first flight then please contact a member of the team.

Steve Collins….well done on your promotion to Senior First Officer. You don’t have far to go until Captain?

We have a new Training Captain in our ranks with Jan (AWG154) having now flown over five hundred hours with the Airwego Group. This is a fantastic achievement and all of the team value your commitment and loyalty. Well done!

Our current landing rate competition ends on the 11th May. Full details can be found in the Forum or Facebook Group but in essence you have to “hit” -250fpm (or as close to as you can) flying one of our B737 routes. At the time of writing we have several entries very close to getting their hands on the prize from ORBX!

Chris (AWG209) has kindly allowed his repaints of the the Twin Otter and Embraer E170 for XP to be hosted on our website. They have been added to the “Freeware Aircraft for X Plane 11” section of the Downloads area in the Crew Room.

Thank you Chris for your time and work on this project.

Dave Taylor (Events Manager) will be standing down from the role at the end of June. Dave has been involved with virtual airlines for many years flying with earlier incarnations of Jersey as JGA and My Air. Over that time he has supported the hobby with enthusiasm, knowledge and a desire to share that with others. More recently he has overseen events on behalf of Airwego arranging flights for Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Dave will remain with the VA as a pilot and all of the Staff Team thank him for his efforts.

On the topic of events don’t forget there is a calendar available via the Crew Room (Multiplayer / Online Activities) of upcoming flights. Participation can be as easy as joining the Teamspeak channel for chat during your flight with assistance and guidance available if you wish to immerse yourself deeper with the use of online ATC services.

Our recently released B777F was popular in April with ten flights completed by the “big twin”. Within its schedules are flights from London Stansted, East Midlands, Palma, San Juan and Palermo. Sector length varies from around one hours to over eight hours. Both freeware and payware repaints of the B777F are available from the Downloads section of the Crewroom.

Our Southend schedules will be expanded in the next few months with new destinations in Sweden, Croatia, France and Spain to be included. The A319 / A320, E170 and Q400 will be used for the new routes with flight-plans and FMC files to be available.

Posted By: Richard Myers

Date: 04/03/2018

One hundred and sixty seven miles and over four hundred and eight flight hours...those are the headlines for March from our Crew!

Within all of the above John (AWG197) has earned his promotion to Senior First Officer while two new recruits, Mateusz (AWG0217) and Peter (AWG0216), have joined our ranks. Welcome to you both but you need to file PIREPS pretty soon or we will be asking for the uniforms back.

Our most flown aircraft during March? The Airbus A319 just edges ahead of the Bombardier Dash 8-Q400 by one single flight with fifty seven sectors flown in the Airbus.

The Boeing B737-800 holds third place with fifty two flights while the Boeing B757-200, in last place, (including the cargo version) was flown just four times.

Who wins the Boeing v Airbus battle with the most flights? Well Airbus take the trophy this month with ninety three sectors to Boeing's eighty seven.

Operationally there are several topics to cover this month.

Firstly our two remaining B757’s in mainstream passenger service have been withdrawn and replaced with the B787-800.

Two B787’s will operate the same routes out of San Juan as the B757’s covering destinations in North and South America as well as the Caribbean with flight durations varying from just over one hour to longer intercontinental hops.

Due to the longer runway length required by the B787-800 there are some MTOW (maximum takeoff weight) restrictions. Details of which are published in the Pilot Brief section of the Booked Flight area of the Crew Centre.

The aircraft carry our stunning Caribbean livery and have been available as part of the aircraft download via the Crew Centre for sometime. Flight-plans and FMC files are of course available as well.

This isn’t the end of the B757 though. It remains in service with AirweCargo and currently operates the Oceania and Australia AirweGOLD tour.

With the arrival of British Summer Time (BST) in the UK Bristol, Humberside and Manchester now offer flights to summer holiday destinations across Europe. The B737, B787 and A320 will fly more frequently to the Canary Islands and European “sunpots”.

The new routes can be viewed via either the schedule search function or from the Bases & Routes menu.

After several months in the “paintshop” the B777-200F is now available to download. This aircraft joins our cargo fleet allowing the MD11 to be replaced and importantly expansion of our cargo route network.

Both freeware (Skyspirit 2012) and payware (PMDG) versions of the aircraft are available. Simon (AWG45) and Rob (Resources Manager) have spent a lot of time repainting the aircraft and have done a excellent job as always!

For the first time in the history of the Airwego Group we will see joint cargo and passenger operations from our bases with the B777 flying from East Midlands, London Stansted, Palermo, Palma and San Juan.

The expanded route network includes Costa Rica, Tunisia, Djibouti, Belgrade, Amarillo and Peru. Further route details can be found on the Bases and Route menu or again by using the schedule search function in the Crew Centre.

As always Tony (Group Operations Director) has prepared flight-plans for all of the new routes based on real world data. The relevant files are available from the Downloads page.

As a Management Team we do regularly discuss the use of online ATC services such as VATSIM and IVAO. Within our ranks are regular users of these services and naturally a lot of experience. The twice weekly events (on Tuesday & Thursday) do see some crew using online ATC as well as chatting generally in the Teamspeak channel during the flight and can act as a great introduction to VATSIM or IVAO with help on hand.

John (AWG197) is a controller on VATSIM and along with a deep knowledge of flight simulation is in a great position to offer “one on one” assistance in this area with his forum posts having already generated enquiries from our crew base. If you are interested in understanding more about flying “online” then why not send John a message via the forum?

In support of the regularly weekly events we are looking into schedule similar activities over several weekends.

Dave (Events Manager) has put together a great calendar of flights for the twice weekly events with most flight under two hours and covering a range of destinations from our schedules.

There are regular attendees on a Tuesday and Thursday with the odd “new voice” appearing as well. The environment is always relaxed and extremely helpful and in the first instance easily accessible simply by using Teamspeak with further advice readily available if you wish to progress to using online ATC services such as VATSIM or IVAO.

Take a look at the Multiplayer and Online Activities section of the Crew Centre to see upcoming flights and book your slot!

It has come to our attention that the download offering Airwego branded vehicles for users of GSX is no longer compatible with recent versions of this great addon.

The repaints and configurations files require updating.

If any crew member would like to assist with this project making both Airwego & Jersey branded ground vehicles available for users of GSX then please contact a member of the Management Team.

Martijn (JSY215) on behalf of the VA has contacted various Flight Simulator publishers and developers to discuss partnerships which would offer either competition prizes to our crew or discounts on the range of products they offer.

Several have replied positively with FSFX Packages and MK Studios offering discounts while ORBX will support a competition prize.

Thank you Martijn for supporting the VA with the project.

More details can be found in the Partner Discounts section of the Crew Centre,

The recent deployment of the A318 at Palma (...hope you all checked the NOTAM on this) has allowed for route expansion primarily into Africa. The project was developed in conjunction with John (AWG197) and will mature over 2018 with the Airbus A330 joining our fleet to replace the A318 on these routes.

That’s all for now...enjoy your flights!

Posted By: Richard Myers

Date: 03/04/2018

What a busy month February has been.

We have had over three hundred PIREPS and recruited ten new pilots.

Around the Crew Room you will see Janeks, Joao, Steve, Chris, David, Barry, Jose, John, Pete and Martijn. We have received PIREPS from all but Martijn so far who only joined on the last day of February. Welcome to you all and we hope you enjoy flying with the Airwego Group.

Three crew members have achieved promotions this month. Craig (JSY152) and Alan (AWG140) now boast a Captain’s strip on their uniform with Terence (JSY167) earning a promotion to Senior First Officer. Well done to you all and watch out for the Promotion Certificates in your inbox.

In addition to over three hundred flights in February our flights add up to over six hundred flying hours, over a quarter of a million kilos of fuel burned and thirty eight thousand virtual passengers transported. Thank you everyone for supporting our VA with your flights.

Pete (Human Resources) processes all PIREPS, new applications and handles general queries from our crew concerning their membership. With the increase in volume of PIREPS since the Jersey division opened I have checked in with Pete several times this month to see if he is dealing with the workload. He has responded positively does a fantastic job for the Airwego Group.

We have recently added new Intercontinental routes from our base at Palma. The new routes include destinations in Africa and the Middle East. Initially they will operate using the Airbus A318 in Airwego colours with a view to introducing the Airbus A330 aircraft on the routes at some stage in 2018.

Despite Palma being listed as a Jersey base it was decided to follow the Intercontinental route model at Gatwick (also a Jersey base) and operate the aircraft with Airwego flight codes.

As always all routes ar supported with fight-plans and FMC files created by Tony (Group Operations Director). We currently have over twelve hundred routes available all of which have routes prepared by Tony who has spent many hours using various pieces of software to allow our crew to benefit from this feature.  The full suite of flight-plans and FMC files are available from the Downloads page.

Our Downloads page has been updated to include the Qualitywings B787-800 repaint in Airwego colours. The repaint is for use in FSX (QW B787 isn’t available yet for P3D) and features both our standard and Caribbean livery.

We are yet to deploy the B787 on our Caribbean route network with it planned to replace the B757-200 very soon.

In other schedules news there will be some seasonal changes to our UK routes later in March. With the arrival of the “holiday season” some of our aircraft will switch from serving winter routes to summer destinations across the Mediterranean and beyond. The updates focus on routes from Manchester, Bristol and Humberside. A NOTAM will be published once the changes are made.

Our repaint team are hard at work preparing a AirweCargo livery for the B777-200F. With good freeware and payware models available we plan to introduce this aircraft as a replacement for the MD11 as well as support a expansion of our global cargo network.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your flights.