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Operational Update - June

Posted by Richard Myers on 06/04/2017

Welcome to our June Operational Update.

You may have seen four new pilots around the Crew Room over the last weeks with Tyler (AWG180), Joshua (AWG179), Brandon (AWG178) and David (AWG177). So far we have seen flights from Joshua, Brandon and David while we await the first report from Tyler.

It is worth noting that Joshua and Tyler, due to visual impairments, access Flight Simulation through some excellent third party software that assists with the control of the aircraft. While we recognise that we have a dedicated crew Joshua and Brandon’s commitment to our hobby is worth a special mention.

Two pilots have earned promotions this month with Oliver (AWG157) and Simon (AWG045) achieving the rank of Senior First Officer. Well done to you both and thank you for the supporting our VA.

Elsewhere within our crew base Tony (AWG135) was our most active pilot in May with over forty flights while interest in X Plane has seen Jessica (AWG158) start a excellent topic highlighting key resources available for this popular sim in the forum.

The delivery flights of the B787-800 during May proved popular with several pilots taking the opportunity to familiarise themselves with this aircraft. The fourth example of this aircraft will be joining our fleet very soon so keep an eye on the NOTAMS which will highlight the introduction of this aircraft.

The vacancy position of Marketing and Media Manager has now been filled with Dave Butler (AWG174) joining the Staff Team. Dave brings experience of working within virtual airlines to our team along with excellent skills allowing him to fulfill this key role at Airwego.

Dave has some great plans for Airwego with some already taking shape and having an impact on our operations. Over the coming months our core marketing activity will be to raise our profile across key flight simulation media outlets.

June will see some major schedule updates. New cargo routes are planned with the pending introduction of the B747-400F along with two new routes for our B757-200 freighters based at East Midlands.
Our mainstream schedules will also feature new routes from Manchester and Bristol with Orlando, Larnaca, Reus and Girona included

To support all the new routes flight plans have been prepared for all default flight planners and relevant Flight Management Computers.

The NOTAMS page, available via the Pilot Centre, will detail the changes as they are published.

Some of our aircraft packages have had updates recently. Both the Boeing B757-200 and Embraer E170 for FS9 now feature updated panels while the Boeing B787-800 packages have had some minor tweaks applied to the textures with the panels also updated. The updates are available from the Downloads page.

Since Airwego started in 2000 our aircraft have featured many liveries. Some memorable and long lived while others disappeared and soon as they arrived. One livery that is fondly remembered earned the nickname of “Purple Ronnie” that appeared on a Boeing B737-300.

In acknowledgement of our history “Purple Ronnie” is back! This retro livery has been painted onto one of our Boeing B737-800’s (G-TNRE) and will operate from Manchester. Our aircraft packages for FS9, FSX and X Plane (all freeware and payware packages) have been updated to include “Purple Ronnie”.
Our last piece of News this month concerns our Operations Director, Tony.

Tony has recently completed our first AirweGOLD tour of Australasia and Oceania. Tony has shared some screenshots of the tour in the forum showing a few of the incredible destinations available as part of this tour.

During the tour Tomy has passed through several time zones, including the International Date Line, travelled over twenty thousand miles and no doubt burned through several hundred tons of fuel.

Well done Tony.

As Airwego operates with few rules all pilots are invited to either the whole tour or just select legs that interest you. Extensive supporting documentation is available for the Australasia and Oceania Tour guiding your through each leg with a comprehensive list of freeware scenery also included.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your flights.

Operational Update - May

Posted by Richard Myers on 05/01/2017

Welcome to our Operational Update for May. Make yourself comfortable and read on.

Our ranks have swelled in May with eight new pilots joining our Virtual Airline.

We have Tim (AWG176), Rory (AWG175), Bob (AWG172), Paul (AWG171), Ross (AWG170), Ivo (AWG169), Dave (AWG174) and Michael (AWG173) all entering our crew room. Within our new eight recruits there is a range for virtual airline experience and in some cases this extends to management experience

You are all very welcome and now that you have “had a peek behind the curtain” and equipped yourself with everything needed to make a flight we look forward to seeing your first PIREPS very soon. Don’t forget to join our Forum also guys!

Alyaan (AWG138) has earned the rank of Captain this month with incredible amount of hours longed primarily from our long-haul schedule and all flown at “x1” sim rate. Well done Alyaan.

Joining Alyaan with a promotion is Martin (AWG107) with Martin becoming a Senior First Officer. Martin has been a committed pilots of Airwego for over twelve months and while his primary base is Bristol he does pick a flight or two from the Manchester schedule on occasion

Who has flown over 50,000 miles? Who has made the most flights? Which is our most popular aircraft? Take a look at the April Statistics page to find out.

Our recently launch luxury tour division, AirweGOLD, has been very popular since launch double digit downloads of the “Tour Guide” (see the Downloads page) and a stronger than expected number of PIREPS. Thank you to all who have so far made flights from the first tour of Australasia and Oceania. For those pilots who want to know more take a look at the AirweGOLD section of “Our Bases and Routes” and the Downloads page.

An area of the forum currently under development is the Flight School.

Currently Flight School hold several documents explaining various aspects of aviation from the Forces of Flight, Aircraft Weights and an overview of ATC phraseology guide. Over the next few weeks the remaining areas of the Flight School will be populated.

The Flight School project, managed by Chief Pilot Chris Miller, is also open to questions from our crew Chris, alongside Operations Director Tony Causer, has a deep knowledge of both real world and virtual aviation. So...put the guys to the post and post a question in the Flight School.

As a VA policy we rarely email our crew directly beyond the monthly Operational Update. However within the last few days we did send an email to all of our crew explaining our approach to VATSIM with a request for VATSIM ID numbers. The conversation of Airwego and involvement in VATSIM has been a long one but we feel a point has been reached where the benefits of participating with online ATC are too large to ignore.

The email that was distributed did stress that it will never be a requirement of your membership of Airwego to fly using online ATC services. That will always be the case but for those that do enjoy flying with VATSIM we need to fulfill the conditions specified by VATSIM to become a partner VA.

If you haven’t already then can you please send Pete (HR) a email with your VATSIM ID. If you haven’t joined VATSIM and would like to help Airwego with this project then please click here and read the “Getting Started” section of the VATSIM website.

Your help with this project is sincerely appreciated by the Staff Team.

Our recently launched AirweGOLD division has proven popular over the last month. Several pilots have flown various legs of the tour of Australasia and Oceania in the newly painting B757-200.

If you haven’t yet discovered AirweGOLD then take a look at the Cockpit Documents section of the website for full details.

In the coming months new tours will be published taking you around the continents of the world.

The delivery of the B787-800 from Boeing will take place during May.

Details of the delivery flights have been published which will see three aircraft join our fleet in May replacing our single Manchester based B757-200 in mainstream service and two B767-300ER’s currently used on long haul routes.

The delivery flights see the aircraft initially route into Shannon (EINN) with a second leg then ferrying the aircraft to Manchester (EGCC). While the aircraft is based at Shannon it will be available for crew familiarisation prior to entering mainstream service.

The Fleet and Downloads pages have been updated to include the B787-800. The B787-800 is available for FS9, FSX and X Plane.

Keep an eye on the NOTAMS for details of the delivery flights from Boeing’s facility in South Carolina.

Thank you for reading.

Operational Update - April

Posted by Richard Myers on 04/03/2017

Welcome to the Airwego Group Operational Update for April.

Three new pilots have joined our ranks during March with Tom (AWG167), Perry (AWG168) and Adil-Mir (AWG166) all appearing in the Crewroom. Perry has flown with Airwego previously with Tom and Adil-Mir are fresh to the "Minimum Rules - Maximum Fun" way of our VA.

Both Tom & Perry have filed PIREPS so far but we await Adil-Mir's first report.

Promotions, promotions and promotions...yes we have three pilots all achieving promotions during March. Jessica (AWG158) and Alyaan (AWG138) are now proudly wearing their Senior First Officer stripes while Jan (AWG154) has now earned the rank (and pay rise) of Captain. Well done to you all and thank you for flying with Airwego.

Seb (AWG099) is closing in on a promotion with Senior First Officer on the horizon. Seb flew with Airwego many years ago and was involved with the running of the VA at that time. Nice to have you flying with us Seb!

There are many milestone in aviation history from first flight, crossing the vast oceans of our world and circumnavigating the globe. We now have within our ranks two new Global Navigators with both Donald (AWG094) and Alyann (AWG138) recently completing "Around the World" series of flights in our MD11.

Via the forum both Donald and Alyaan posted regular updates of their trip which is made up of seven legs departing Stansted (EGSS) and visiting North America, South East Asia and the Middle East before returning to Europe.

Well done to you both on this fantastic landmark in your virtual careers.

The Statistics for March are worth a mention at this point. Several pilots have made a number of flights in the high'teens and covered significant distances. Naturally both Alyaan and Donald with their trip around the world lead the way in miles flown but please take time to review the figures for March which include miles flown, most popular flight, passenger numbers etc...

Updates to the schedules see the start of the UK Summer Season flights. Flights to Summer holiday destinations are now available from three UK bases (Manchester, Bristol and Humberside) to the Canary Islands and Mediterranean "Sunspots". Flight plan files for all routes, including the seasonal changes, can be found on the Downloads page.

With this current round of changes the last of of our B757-200's in mainstream passenger service is stood down. That is not the end of B757 for passenger flights...but more on than a little later.

Our aircraft fleet is a regular topic of discussion in the forum. Suggestions for aircraft types, general queries and more recently confirmation of the Boeing B787 joining our fleet in the near future...we just need to wait for Qualitywings to release the payware version first.

However at this point we can announce that two B737-800's will be Flying the Compass from our Palermo base. The two new aircraft will carry Italian registrations and have been taken on from a "distressed airline" in India.

On arrival at Palermo the aircraft will replace the two UK registered B737's operating from Sicily with these two aircraft returning to the UK.

Ferry flights have been included within our schedules so pilots can bring the new aircraft from Mumbai (VABB) via Dubai (OMDB) for a fuel stop and overnight crew rest before then flying onward to Palermo (LICJ). The Palermo schedule have been updated to include the new aircraft.

Two further ferry flights are available that will transport the UK registered aircraft from Palermo (LICJ) to the UK. One aircraft is to be flown to Manchester (EGCC) while the other aircraft will be flown to Monarch Aircraft Engineering at London Luton (EGGW).

The ferry flights can be booked via the "Our Bases and Routes" pages under the Palermo, Dubai and Mumbai (Dubai and Mumbai have been setup as a temporary hub) schedules. The Ferry Flights will be available until the 10th April 2017. The flight numbers are 10F, 11F, 12F, 13F, 14F and 15F. Our Flight Plan files on the Downloads page have been updated to include routes for the ferry flights.

The aircraft packages (freeware) for FSX and X Plane for the B737-800 have been updated to include the new registrations. The PMDG update will follow shortly.

Our Downloads page now includes repaints of the Virtualcol Dash X series. Virtualcol produce great value payware products that while a step up from the default aircraft are not overly complex nor feature heavily detailed systems. The package includes all current registrations of our Q400 and has been prepared by Jessica (AWG158) and Pete (Airwego Human Resources Officer). Thank you both for your efforts on this project.

Alyaan (AWG138) will be organising a Airwego session using FS Cloud. FS Cloud is a multiplayer platform for use in X Plane, P3D and FSX. It works as standalone software alongside your Flight Simulator but will require completion of a registration process. FS Cloud does not offer online ATC but is a great way to fly with online together with very few requirements other than enjoying the experience.

Visit FS Cloud for more details and keep a eye on the Forum for the date and time.

Our Facebook Group has been very popular in the last month with many crew sharing images of their flights while in progress. We currently have thirty members and recent activity has complemented our Forum discussions. Our Facebook Group can be found here.

Don't forget to keep a eye on the NOTAMS page regarding operational issues. All NOTAMS can be viewed from the Pilot Centre on the website.

A little earlier in this Operational Update we spoke of the future of our B757-200 passenger fleet. Over the last six months they have been slowly withdrawn from mainline service to be replaced by more modern and efficient aircraft.

That isn't the end of the B757-200 by a long way. They have been hidden behind large hangar doors under going a extensive refit and receiving a new livery. When they emerge in the next few weeks they will become part of our brand new divisions - AirweGOLD.

AirweGOLD will offer the ultimate luxury travel experience to our virtual passengers. The interior's of the B757's have be configured to carry thirty eight passengers with every convenience and modern extravagance to hand. Twelve cabin crew will ensure every whim is catered for while offering a unprecedented level of service.

Flight Operations for AirweGOLD will be focused around a "Continental Grand Tour" with Australasia being the focus of the launch event.

The brand new livery reflects the "high-end" nature of AirweGOLD while still retaining key brand elements of the Airwego Group. Images of the new livery will be published over the next few days.

From a Flight Crew perspective the 'GOLD tours will see you explore areas of the world outside of our regular schedules. Detailed itineraries will be published which will include a overview of the various legs of the tour along with relevant flight-plans and details of suggested scenery to use.

We expect to fully launch AirweGOLD by the end of April.

Thank you for reading.

Operational Update - March

Posted by Richard Myers on 03/06/2017

Welcome to the Airwego Operational Update for March.

While we have no new pilots in our ranks we have three "returnees". Pete (HR) contacted several pilots on our database whose membership had lapsed. From that email Colin, Stephen and Gary all asked to be issued with new uniform and once more "Fly the Compass".

Despite February being a very active month with over sixty thousand miles flown, seven hundred thousand kilos of fuel being used and nearly two hundred hours logged there are no promotions. However...Donald (AWG94) is on the cusp of becoming a Senior Captain. Just a few more hours now and Donald will add one more gold bar to his epaulette.

During February our most prolific pilot was Jan (AWG154). Jan completed twenty five flights as he operated sectors around the UK and Europe. Well done Jan.

Gary (AWG61) is worth a mention at this stage. While Airwego does not concern itself with landing rates Gary makes five appearances in the top ten lowest landing rates for February. I'm not sure if this has been done before but if this carries on Gary will be earning himself a new nickname around the Crewroom.

A special "Thank You" is due. Alan (AWG156) has kindly assisted in preparing the downloadable package for the B787-800 for use in FS2004. While the B787 is not yet part of our Fleet, as we await the release of the Qualitywings B787 product, the freeware packages by TDS have now been repainted and packaged. Repaints for X Plane are currently on our "todo" list.

The B787-800 will operate long haul routes from our bases as while as some short routes within Europe. When it joins our Fleet our long haul network will be expanded. If you have any long haul destinations you would like to see included please visit the Forum and post your suggestions.

Don't forget...for all flights over five hours duration (according to the schedule) time compression can be used in Flight Simulator. Let's make long haul fun and not tedious!

The end of March will see some seasonal revisions to our schedules as we gear up fo the start of the European Season. More details will follow over the next few week but keep a eye on the NOTAMS also.

Over the weekend of the 4th / 5th of March our website and forum moved servers. We understand this may have caused a few problems with logging into both the website and forum. If you have any problems then please contact Pete (HR) who will assist.

Rob (Resources Manager) recently distributed to the Staff Team images of a "very important project" he has been working on. Keep you eye on the Forum for further updates.

With a new month we also have a new Route of the Month. Our daily flight from Humberside to Amsterdam (AWG282) has been chosen. This flight uses the Dash 8-Q400 with a duration just over one hour. More details can be found on the main page of the website.

For those pilots active on Social Media don't forget we have both a Twitter account and also a Facebook Group. The links for both can be found at the base of the main page on the website.

Our Downloads page is worth a regular visit. Several files, previously only available on via the Forum, have now been added to the Downloads page included guidance on which stands and gates to use at our bases. A comprehensive set of Flight Plans for all our our routes is also available along side a useful range of "Cockpit Documents" designed to expand your knowledge and make Flying the Compass fun!

Thank you for reading.

Operational Update - February

Posted by Richard Myers on 02/06/2017

Welcome to our February Operational Update.

Since our Last OU three new pilots have joined Airwego. Vasilis (AWG164) , Joel (AWG163) & Colin (AWG165) have joined our ranks. Vasilis has so far made eight flights while we await the first flights of Joel and Colin albeit that Colin only joined over the weekend. If you need any help then please either visit the forum or email one of the team.

Lee (AWG056) has earned the rank of Captain and becomes our first promoted pilot of 2017. Lee flew with Airwego many years ago amassing over three thousand hours during his "virtual career". We see regular contributions from Lee on our social media accounts along with regular visits the the forum. Studying Lee's PIREPS over the last few months he certainly prefers the "sunshine" destinations of the Mediterranean and Canary Island which will be returning to our schedules in the next few months.

At his point we would like to make a special mention of Anthony (AWG135). Anthony topped our statistics in January with most flights, longest distance, most passengers carried and makes several appearances in the lowest landing rate charts. Well done Anthony and thank you for your dedication and loyalty to Airwego.

We have a new member of our Staff Team. Jessica (AWG158) has agreed to oversee our cargo division - AirweCargo. Jessica brings a great knowledge of the "virtual logistics" sector to our team along with a array of repainting talents and "sim" experience beyond Flight Simulator. Regular forum activity from Jessica (take a look at her screenshot thread -!) and general interaction with our Staff have made her a ideal "fit" with our team as we seek to develop our current cargo operations. We are all looking forward to working alongside her.

Our Aircraft Fleet will see a new type introduced a little later this year. The Boeing B787-800 will join our Fleet and operate from Both Manchester and San Juan. From Manchester the aircraft will operate to long-haul destinations along with seasonal holiday "Sunspots" including those within Europe. From San Juan the aircraft will fly to North and South American destinations.

The TDS B787-800 will be used as our freeware offering for both FS2004, FSX and P3D. A X Plane variant will be confirmed.

On the payware front the long awaited Qualitywing B787 package will be repainted into our livery when it becomes available.

Keen eyed pilots have have noticed a few images across the website have been updated. These include the image used as part of Route of the Month and those used on the multi-link schedules pages. The new image for the "ROTM" was taken by Anthony (AWG135) and original posted in the forum. Thank you Anthony for your permission to use the image.

If you cannot see the new images then refresh your browser with the key command "CTRL+F5".

A new Route of the Month has been chosen. This month a flight from our Bodo schedules to Narvik has been selected using the Q400. Full details can be found on the main page of the website or in the Forum.

Vasilis (AWG164) recently brought to our attention a issue with cargo flights and how they appeared within the Statistics section of the Pilot Centre. Our cargo flights present themselves in HERMES with a cargo payload, rather than a number of passengers. At the conclusion of a flight your statistics are updated to reflect your new hours etc. Until recently the cargo payload (for cargo flights only) was adding to the number of passengers you had carried. Therefore it would appear you had carried several thousand passengers over a relatively low number of flights which is wrong.

After exchanging several dozen emails with the developer of HERMES and updating some files on the website the problem is now solved.

A new feature has been introduced to the Pilot Centre alongside a small redesign. A company NOTAMS system has been introduced which will advise of operational changes to schedules, aircraft and base information as required. Checking the NOTAMS is entirely optional but using them in your flight preparation may add a extra level of realism to your flights.

We are delighted to announce that two new documents have been added to the Flight School section of the Forum.

The first explains Aircraft Weight and how you might incorporate it during the preparation of a flight. The document will give a overview of the figures used to calculate a takeoff weight for a aircraft using information drawn from HERMES and Aircraft Database.

The second document we have uploaded is a set of OPTIONAL Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Our Standard Operating Procedures guides you through the key phases of a flight and how they should be managed. Flight planning, passenger policy and NOTAMS are all covered in the Standard Operating Procedures which will be updated when required.

The Flight School area of the Forum has been designed to expand our crew members knowledge of aviation. It is divided into several sections and will be populated with downloadable .pdf files on topics ranging from weather, common aviation terms and flight planning.

Enjoy your flights!

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