Posted By: Richard Myers

Date: 01/01/2019

Welcome everyone to the our first Operational Update of 2019.

For the benefit of our new recruits let me explain a little about the “OU”. (The rest of you can scroll down to the good stuff!).

We publish a OU usually on the first Monday of a new month. It is our opportunity to communicate with our crew developments within the VA and share news of upcoming projects. For visitors to the website it also demonstrates that the VA is active, managed by a enthusiastic team and importantly puts the crew at the centre of the VA as we often open with details on new recruits and promotions.

It’s content is assembled by the wider team with all “departments” reporting in a few days before on any key points that need to be be included.

That’s the OU!

Two hundred and seventy one flights, over five hundred hours, thirty thousand virtual passengers and over two hundred and twenty thousand lorries worth or cargo. Those are our key numbers for December.

Topping the list for the highest amount of cargo flown is Ant (AWG237). Any also tops the charts for most flights, highest hours and furthest distance. Well done Ant!

Four new recruits have joined our crew in December with Vincenzo, Roger, Dean and Joe joining our ranks as First Officers. Welcome to the VA guys and if you need any help then visit our forum, Facebook Group or email the staff.

Congratulations to Nigel (AWG265) who for the third month in succession has earned a promotion with the Captain's stripe now proudly displayed on his uniform. Craig (JSY152) has also been promoted this month to Senior Captain. Thank you both for your dedication and commitment to the Airwego Group.

Our Airbus A319 worked hard during December completed just short of seventy flights which is some way ahead of the B737-800 with forty seven flights. Top of the “heavy” chart is the B747 fleet making forty flights.

2018 has seen our crew complete over three thousand flights. February was our most popular month with over three hundred sectors completed with October the lowest at two hundred. Throughout the year we used nearly forty million tonnes of fuel averaging around seven thousand kilos per flight in which we carried three hundred and fifteen thousand passengers. Thank you to Pete (HR Director) for the summary above and he great work in 2018.

A few months ago we mentioned the opening of a new division in South Africa at Johannesburg (FAOR). That new division, Kalahari, is now open and fully operational.

Kalahari is unique in two distinct ways.

Firstly it is entirely the creation of three crew members who collectively approached the Staff Team with the idea in 2018. Jan (AWG154), Chris (AWG209) and Richard (AWG251) who all live with South Africa developed the idea after some discussion with the team and are responsible for creating the new schedules and of course the supporting flight-plans.

Secondly is the first Airwego Group base in the Southern Hemisphere. In our long history (since 2000) we have never operated from a base south of the equator. Johannesburg was chosen as it is a significant aviation gateway within South Africa and fits our general “base profile”. Third party freeware scenery is available (in fact it is required to update the ICAO for from FAJS to FAOR) with examples of payware scenery for FSX / P3D also available.

The route network serves key destinations in the region with no shortage of challenging approaches (hold on tight at St.Helena / FHSH) as well as linking into our wider network with long-haul flights to Gatwick and Manchester.

There will be further development of the schedules through 2019 as Johannesburg offers access to destinations in the South Indian Ocean and also within Africa which is a part of the virtual world not often explored by VA’s.

Our new division also features a amazing new livery developed by Rob (Group Resources Manager) based upon the colours of the South African flag. This new livery has been added to our Twin Otter, Dash 8-Q400, Airbus A319 and B787-8 fleet.

Making its debut within our fleet is the Bombardier CRJ900. The freeware POSKY and payware Aerosoft models are now available in the Kalahari paint scheme from the Downloads section of the Crew Centre along with the aircraft listed above.. Expect the CRJ to be deployed at other bases in the Group throughout 2019.

All pilots are welcome to book flights from our new base which can be done in the usual method. The option to “transfer” to the Johannesburg / FAOR is also available to our Crew Members. Please contact Pete (HR Director) if you wish to do this.

Our Staff Team would like to thank Richard, Jan & Chris for their efforts in delivering the Kalahari project to our crew and look forward to seeing it grow in 2019.

The Christmas Tour 2018 and our Festive Flight program will be coming to a end on the 4th January.

This tour of the Elven Workshops has been very popular with our crew with seventeen pilots signing up for the tour. All Crew Members who completed the tour will now proudly display a badge on their profiles!

2019 will see further development of our “tours”. Keep you eyes on the “Airwego Tours” page in the Crew Centre.

We have a new Featured Route submitted by Donald (AWG094). Our new Featured Route departs Palermo for Strasbourg with some great Strasbourg (freeware) scenery available from

More details can be found in the Crew Centre.

There has been some restructuring of the “About Us” menu.

A “Supported Sims” section has been added providing useful information to potential crew on the platforms we endorse which range from FS2004 through to Xplane 11.

More substantially there has been changes to how we present the various divisions of the AIrwego Group. Our four primary divisions are now Airwego, Jersey, AirweGOLD and AirweCargo.

Within the Airwego division we now include Airwego UK, Airwego Norge, Airwego Italia and Airwego Caribbean with updates to the text describing our various operations.

On Sunday 23rd December a Staff Meeting was held on our Teamspeak Server.

The agenda included a review of the last twelve months, updates on currently outstanding projects and our plans for 2019.

Key points of the discussion included the introduction of the Airbus A330 at some stage, wider deployment of the CRJ, a new AirweGOLD Tour, cargo operations from London Heathrow (EGLL) and closer integration of the forum with the website.

For those Crew Members who use social media don’t forget you can follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook Group.

Click the links below to access our social media channels;

Airwego Group Facebook Group
Airwego Group Twitter

Thank you for reading and enjoy your flights.

Posted By: Richard Myers

Date: 12/03/2018

Welcome everyone to our last OU of 2018!

Three new recruits have filed PIREPS since joining in November so welcome to James (AWG275), Gary (AWG274) and Alan (AWG273) and thank you for Flying the Compass.

Richard (AWG251) continues his rise through the ranks with the Captain's stripe now added to his uniform! Congratulations on your promotion.

Over two hundred and fifty flights were completed in November, Our Palma base witnessed the most arrivals and departures with Manchester and Bristol not too far behind.

The ongoing popularity of our Airbus fleet continued in November with seventy four flight completed while our Boeing Fleet flew sixty seven times. The A319 made the majority of the Airbus flights (sixty two) with the B737 leading the way for “Team Seattle” with fifty five rotations.

Thank you to Pete (HR Director) for digging deep into our PIREPS to provide me with the above information.

Tony (Operations Director) has returned to the fight deck recently after a break. It is great to have Tony “back in the office” offering his much valued input as we continue to develop the Airwego Group. Watch out for Tony passing through the Crew Rooms of our various bases as he makes his annual visits to ensure everything is “as it should be”.

Over the last few months we have hinted about opening a new base. Well in this OU we can reveal it isn’t just a brand new base but a whole new “division”.

Several months ago a conversation developed with three crew members (Richard-AWG251, Jan-AWG154 & Chris-AWG209) based in South Africa with a desire to open a base in their home nation. The project quickly moved forward driven by by the energy and enthusiasm of Jan, Richard & Chris with Johannesburg (FAOR / formerly FAJS) settle upon as a base.

A route structure flying the Twin Otter, Q400, A319, CRJ900 (new to our VA) and the B787-8 was devised offering flights from under one hour to just over five hours covering South Africa and popular destinations in neighbouring countries. All routes will be supported by flight-plans and FMC files for the relevant aircraft.

Images of the new Kalahari livery can be viewed in the forum or on on Facebook Group page.

The name chosen for the division is Kalahari which is a large arid savanna in South Africa. All aircraft will feature a variation of our livery and are currently passing through the Rob (Resources Manager) paintshop.

Freeware scenery for FAOR / Johannesburg is under development by South World Scenery who have a Facebook page which can be accessed here.

We hope to launch the new division before Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas our traditional flights to Lapland are now available from our UK Bases.

From Gatwick, Humberside and Aberdeen you can fly to Kittila , Bristol will offer Ivalo and Kuusamo, Rovaniemi is available from Exeter and Manchester while Southend includes Ivalo. The flights operate with our Boeing and Airbus Fleets with a average four hour sector time. Full details for all flights can be found via the Bases and Routes menu.

Supporting our flights to Lapland is a brand new “Christmas Tour”. The tour will depart from Rovaniemi (EFRO) onward to Ivalo (EFIV), stopping at Kuusamo (EFKS) before heading to Kittlia (EFKT) and returning to Rovaniemi (EFRO).

The tour theme is based around Father Christmas inspecting his “toy workshops” ensuring his hard working Elves are on track for the big day!

Each sector of the Tour, which uses the Airbus A319, is around one hour with flight-plans available from the Downloads section of the Crew Centre under “Flightplans and FMC Files”.

All pilots who complete the Tour will receive a “badge” on the “Your Statistics” page in the Crew Centre.

The details for the Christmas Tour 2018 can be found in the Crew Centre under the Airwego Tours link. Once you have signed up for the tour enter the flight number into HERMES (assuming you are signed in) and the flight details be be retrieved from our database.

Tony (AWG135) continues to work hard supporting our regular Member Flight held every Sunday and Thursday.

Members Flights use both JoinFS ( to allow for cross-platform multiplayer so we can “see” each other) and Teamspeak for voice communications. Details of the Thursday route (8pm start) are published in the Crew Centre with a program of flights to the end of the month currently available. Book your departure slot and read the guides on setting up both JoinFS and Teamspeak and off you go!

The mood of the Member Flights is very relaxed with plenty of help available if you have any questions. There is no need to fly the published aircraft type for the route so pick something you enjoy flying and join the fun as eleven crew members did last Thursday (29th) !

The Airwego Group has developed a library of resources to support our Crew Members in both their membership of the VA and wider enjoyment of the hobby. Many of these documents can be found in the Downloads section of the Crew Centre with some also stored in the forum.

One document I would like to highlight is our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Use of the SOP is optional but it explains fuel calculations, cost indexes to be used, suggested passenger weights, how HERMES integrates with our systems along with offering links to other interesting resources.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Posted By: Richard Myers

Date: 11/05/2018

Welcome everybody to our November Operational Update.

With strong recruitment numbers over the last few months it is worth explaining why we publish a regular “OU” for the benefit of our newer crew members.

We often describe The Airwego Group as “dynamic”. In support of this claim there are often a number of projects of varying size that we are working on at any one time We feel it is important to communicate developments of those projects to our crew and the OU allows us to do that from the early stages of a idea through to publication.

On occasion some developments within The Airwego Group take place in between OU’s whether it is a small tweak to one of our many files or a new feature we have added to the Crew Centre.

Another key aspect of the OU is the platform ist offers for advising of pilot promotions and new crew members which is often the section we open with. At the heart of our VA is a “community” and by extending a high profile welcome we hope new recruits start to feel part of our community from the very early stages.

Finally the OU brings some “life” to the website allowing prospective new pilots the chance to see that The Airwego Group is active and well run.

New Recruits - we have five new crew members this month with Jaylon, Dillon, Jacob, Joshua and Yanick joining us as First Officer’s. Joshua has already flown his first passengers from Humberside to Nimes while we have been assisting Yanick who had a little trouble with HERMES which is hopefully all resolved now.

We look forward to seeing first flights from Jaylon, Dillon and Jacob in the near future.

Nigel (AWG265) is now a Senior First Officer having achieved the rank with a flight to Sorkjosen (ENSR) from Bodo (ENBO). Thank you Nigel for “Flying the Compass”.

Through October our members completed two hundred flights with our Airbus Fleet proving to be highly popular. Our long-haul Boeing aircraft made thirty five flights with the Embraer E170 completing nineteen sectors.

The whole Aircraft Fleet flew just over one hundred and forty thousand miles generating a fuel bill of around three million pounds! Ouch!

Over the last few weeks Tony (AWG135) has worked very hard in promoting our “Members Flights”.

In support of the regular events Tony has spent a lot of time preparing a detailed guide on how to configure Join FS (a multiplayer platform) allowing those who participate in our Members Flights to “see each other”. The full guide on setting up Join FS is now available in the Crew Centre under the Online Activities section.

The Crew Centre (Online Activities section) also explains how to setup Teamspeak.

We look forward to seeing you in the virtual skies on one of our Member Flights. (Check the Crew Centre for a full list of upcoming Member Flights).

When we choose a new destination for our schedules we always try to ensure it has freeware scenery available, ideally GREAT freeware scenery. The links to this scenery will be posted in the Forum so we recommend a regular visit to this section of the website to pick up some “gems”.

Links to Hersingdorf (EDAH) and Aargus (EKAH) have been posted with the last few weeks with the “Recommended Websites & Downloads” section of the forum containing links to other high quality offerings.

We can confirm that one of our two new Bases will open in Africa.

Work on the schedules was completed recently with the flight-plans “in progress”. For those who have flown with The Airwego Group for sometime you will know we offer flight-plans for all of our destinations in formats appropriate to the aircraft type flying the route as many payware products require a bespoke format.

Supporting this will be flight-plans suitable for use in the default GPS found in FS9, FSX and P3D.

Initially twenty one destinations will be offered from the new base in what we are calling “phase one”. There are further two phases planned which will see expansion of the route network through 2019.

Destinations include Saint Helena, Abuja and Harare along with many more which will take you to airports never previously flown to by The Airwego Group.

The new base will also introduce the Bombardier CRJ900 to our fleet with models from POSKY and Aerosoft waiting to move into the Repaint Hangar. They will be operated alonsgide the Twin Otter, Dash 8-Q400, A319 and B787-8...all featuring a very impressive variation on our livery.

Rob (Group Resources Manager) is working hard on the repaints but would greatly appreciate any assistance if you have any talents in this area. Please contact Richard Myers in the first instance if you are able to help.

There have been many exciting milestones with this new project with the “headline” being the incredible support from three crew members who have driven this forward over the last few months for which the whole Staff Team are hugely grateful.

Subject to how we progress with the aircraft repaints required for our new base we hope to publish further details in early December.

As we enter the final phase of 2018 our thoughts are turning to 2019 and how we will develop the VA further in our nineteenth year of operation.

There are tentative plans at this stage to publish a brand new AirweGOLD Tour, develop our core route network while also deploying the CRJ900 elsewhere. Consideration is also being given to utilising the A321 from our Norwegian Bases.

The current website is extremely robust and feature rich but it is unlikely to remain untouched

HERMES, our flight reporting software, is being reviewed for a possible update being that new features are available but we would only add those that we felt improved it’s functionality from a crew member's perspective

Perhaps one of the most important plans for 2019, and has been since our foundation, will be to improve our interaction and the VA experience as much as we can for our crew.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your flights.


Posted By: Richard Myers

Date: 10/08/2018

Our October OU starts with a promotion Richard (AWG251) has reached the rank of Senior First Officer. Richard joined the Airwego Group in August 2018 with thirty seven flights since (by the end of September) and has been active on various topics within the forum. Thank you for “Flying the Compass” Richard!

The A319 was the most popular aircraft in September making over fifty flights while the most popular long-aircraftcomes from our freighter Fleet. In fact one pilot (Donald AWG094) delivered over a third of our total cargo during September. Well done Donald.

Other significant numbers generated in September are the twenty thousand virtua passengers we flew, over three million kilos of fuel burned and a grand total of three hundred and forty hours logged! Thank you everyone for flying with the Airwego Group.

With many new applications to the VA in recent months (over twenty five) we hope you new Crew Members are enjoying their “virtual careers”. We welcome all feedback from both experienced and new crew and are always looking to try and improve the VA.

Two key areas of the website have seen improvements recently with the Schedule Search function in the Crew Centre now extended to include the option to look for flights by duration. This complements the ability to display flight by departure airport and also aircraft type.

The Downloads page has also seen some new additions with freeware aircraft packages now available for the A318, A320, B737-800, B777F and the B787-8 complementing the A319 & B747.

Tony (AWG135) has been actively promoting and supporting our regular “Members Flights”. Typically these events are hosted on a Thursday evening from 8pm. A pre-selected route is flown using Teamspeak for chat and a cross-platform (FSX, P3D & X-Plane) client called Join FS allows pilots to “see” each other aircraft.

Uniquely for the Member Flights crew members have free choice of aircraft rather than having to use the type specified in the schedules.

A short promotional video is prepared by Tony in advance of each Flight detailing the destination along with scenery recommendations. This video is published in the Forum and also on the Facebook Group.

Topics of conversation vary during the event with help also available in configuring Teamspeak and Join FS. The Crew Centre has a tutorial on setting up Teamspeak with one being planned for Join FS.

If you haven’t tried one of our Members Flights we do recommend taking the time to experience this growing area of the Airwego Group.

Teamspeak can be downloaded here.

Join FS can be downloaded here.

All of the Staff Team would like to thank Tony for taking the time to manage and promote our Members Flights.

Our “Summer” schedules have recently come to an end to be replaced with our “Winter” routes. While popular route to the Balearic and Canary Islands remain (from our UK bases) other routes have been replaced with prominent Winter Holiday destinations including Sion, Chambery, Salzburg with Cancun and Maldives featuring as part of our long-haul network.

Work continues on not just one but two new bases in the Southern Hemisphere.

In collaboration with three of our dedicated Crew Members, and utilising their extensive local knowledge,we expect to open one new base before the end of the year. A small number of destinations will feature as part of “phase 1” of the new base before further development will see a extended route network.

A special livery has been commissioned for the new base with both jets & turbo-props to be based there. Previews of the new livery will be published over the coming months as the repaint team get to work on the aircraft including the Bombardier CRJ.

The second base in the Southern Hemisphere is still in the early planning stages with more details to follow.


Posted By: Richard Myers

Date: 09/03/2018

Welcome to our September Operational Update.

Launching on Tuesday 4th September will be our brand new Member Flights. Member Flights will feature a route from our schedules of around two hours duration with a invite to all crew to fly the route together while chatting on Teamspeak with a plan to move to using Discord for chat in the near future.

We hope the Member Flights will become a important part of the “community” within the VA alongside our active Facebook Group and Forum. For all Member Flights there is a free choice of aircraft (so you don’t have to use the type specified in the schedules) but a aircraft suited to the route is recommended.

A calendar of the routes selected for upcoming Member Flights has been published in the Crew Centre under both the Online Activities and Member Flight sections. To help the team monitor the popularity of the events your can “book you slot” for all upcoming events which is recommended. Suggestions for route selection in on future Member Flights are very welcome.

We hope to be able to add a “multiplayer” feature to the events allowing all crew to “see” each others aircraft regarding of whether you use FS2004, FSX, XP or P3D.

Please take a look at the Member Flights section of the Crew Centre where you will find more details including how to setup Teamspeak and book your slot for the launch event where members of the Staff Team will be available to assist with any queries you may have.

Our Crew Centre now features integration with the freeware flight planning resource from SimBrief.

Simbrief uses “real world” navigational databases to assist with route planning within Flight SImulator with the end result being a route that can then be exported for use not only on the built in GPS systems of FS2004, FSX, XP and P3D but also a range of payware FMC’s.

Within the Booked Flights > Pilot Brief section of the Crew Centre you will now see a option to “Get Simbrief Flightplan”. On clicking this option Simbrief will take the data from your booked flight, ask for a little information regarding fuel planning before generating the flight-plan which can then be downloaded in the required format. The download process can be automated further by using Simbrief Downloader which when configured will download your flight-plan and place it in a user specified folder.

A comprehensive tutorial has been created by Andy (Group Technical Director) explaining in full detail how to use this great feature. Click here to view it.

Eight new pilots joined the Airwego Group in August. Welcome to Tiago, Richard, Gerald, Rico and Daryl who have all filed PIREPS while we await first flights from Jonathan, James and Neil. (Need any help?

If you haven’t already we do encourage all of our Crew to sign up for the forum where you will find further resources to support your membership of the Airwego Group.

John (AWG040) has earned a promotion to Captain during August. John joined the VA in July 2015 and has completed over fifty flights within the last three years. Congratulations on your promotion John!
Tony (AWG135) made the most flights of all of our crew in August taking to the air twenty nine times while Muhammad (AWG070) flew the most passengers (over three thousand) with Donald (AWG094) ferrying over a million tonnes of cargo! Well done to you and thank your commitment.

Our most popular aircraft in August was the A319 which made fifty nine flights with the Q400 coming in second place with fifty four. The Boeing work horse (B737) made thirty six flights. In the long-haul category the B747 just edged into first place with sixteen flights. The B787 & B777 both made fifteen flights.

As the peak holiday season in Europe winds down there will be some seasonal changes to our schedules at the end of September. While some routes will be with drawn some “winter” routes will replace them. Keep your eye on the NOTAMS for the changes.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your flights.