No Images Available  Type: Boeing B757-200 (B752)
 Number in fleet: 1
 Range: 4100 miles
 Max Cargo: 56360 KGs
 Max Passengers: 38 pax
 Weight: 59300 KGs
 Max Cruise FL: 350

Detailed Information

The Boeing 757 is a narrow body twin jet airliner designed and produced by the Boeing Aircraft Corporation between 1981 and 2004.

Its mixed class medium to long haul range capabilities has made it a firm favourite in Airwego flying previously in our Sunspots charter airline to holiday destinations throughout Europe.

The demise of charter business has led to this excellent aircraft being deployed on our scheduled medium haul routes from our bases in the Caribbean and as part of our high end luxury division - AirweGOLD.

Seating Plan

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