No Images Available  Type: Airbus A320-200 CFM (A320)
 Number in fleet: 5
 Range: 3100 miles
 Max Cargo: 34500 KGs
 Max Passengers: 165 pax
 Weight: 42600 KGs
 Max Cruise FL: 390

Detailed Information

The Airbus A320 can trace its origins to the early 1984. The aircraft is well known for using of fly-by-wire technology which uses a series of computers and sophisticated software to ensure the aircraft remains in the optimum configuration according to the phase of flight it is in. Airbus has three assembly plants for the aircraft around the globe. Over six thousand aircraft have been delivered. Airwego operates the A320-200 from Bristol on both domestic routes that require high seating capacity and also on sectors to the continent.

Seating Plan

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