No Images Available  Type: Boeing B777-200F (B77L)
 Number in fleet: 8
 Range: 4970 miles
 Max Cargo: 103337 KGs
 Max Passengers: 0 pax
 Weight: 145150 KGs
 Max Cruise FL: FL410

Detailed Information

The Boeing Triple Seven as it often called was developed in the earlier 1990s. It is the largest twin engine jetliner in operation with range up to 8555nm. With two fuselage lengths available it has a typical seating arrangement allowing just under four hundred passengers to be carried.

The freighter variant operated by AirweCargo is based on the LR version of the aircraft with a range of 4970nm.

AirweCargo operates the aircraft on a route network offering a range of destinations for our virtual customers with aircraft based in Pueto Rico Spain Italy and the UK.

Seating Plan

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