No Images Available  Type: Boeing B737-800 (B738)
 Range: 3115 miles
 Max Cargo: 37603 KGs
 Max Passengers: 178 pax
 Weight: 41413 KGs
 Max Cruise FL: 410

Detailed Information

Few aircraft are perhaps more associated with commercial aviation than the 737.

Boeing latest offering (the B737NGX) is the most recent development in a forty history of the aircraft. With the recent innovations deployed on the aircraft offering fuel savings and increased range there is a lot of life left in this aircraft.

Airwego B737-800 aircraft deployed across a number of our bases and provide short and medium haul services alongside our Airbus fleet.

One of our B737`s features a retro livery Purple Ronnie that first appeared on our aircraft in 2000.

Seating Plan

No Seating Plan Available

Statistical Information

Average fuel use per flight: 8541.46 KGs Total fuel used: 1264135.81 KGs Fuel consumption rate: 12.65 KGs/mile
Average Flight Distance per flight: 12.65 miles Total Flight Distance: 99949 miles Average Revenue: £28998.5
Total Revenue: £4291777.36 Total Expenses: £529411.86

Most recent flights

Flight Number Departure Arrival Pilot In Command Distance Revenue Landing Rate
AWG 517 GCRR EGCC Ant Hall 1550 miles £ 21542.8 --141 ft/min
AWG 488 EGCC LEPA Pete Beardsley 855 miles £ 17227.7 --1413 ft/min
AWG 10S EGKK EFRO Roy Hayday 1212 miles £ 49630.6 --179 ft/min
AWG 10S EGKK EFRO Keith Simmonds 1212 miles £ 44879.4 --60 ft/min
AWG 488B LEPA EGCC John Wright 855 miles £ 16681.1 --291 ft/min

Scheduled Flights

Flight Number Departure Arrival Dep time Arr time Distance
AWG 488 EGCC LEPA 10:20 12:55 855 miles
AWG 516 EGCC GCRR 13:35 17:50 1550 miles
AWG 517 GCRR EGCC 18:50 23:05 1550 miles
AWG 488B LEPA EGCC 13:55 16:30 855 miles
AWG 462A EGCC LTBA 08:25 12:35 1455 miles
AWG 463B LTBA EGCC 13:35 17:45 1455 miles
AWG 10S EGKK EFRO 20:00 23:00 1212 miles

Aircraft Rentability