Multiplayer Events:
From March 2018 these sessions will take place regularly on a Tuesday and Thursday evening at 8pm. (UK)
Flying online is not a requirement to join a 'Multiplayer Event', these sessions are intended to introduce the Airwego Group crew to each other our Teamspeak 3 server, chat about flight sim and much more.
Some of our members do fly online during these events, if you are curious or would like to get involved with flying online this is a great place to start where you will find crew to assist and advise.

Date: Event: Details

Thursday 26th of April 2018 @ 20:00:00 EGTE to LFLB - Flightcode JSY1223

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From Southwest England to Southwest France. Take your 'Ray-Bans' with you.

Tuesday 1st of May 2018 @ 20:00:00 EGCC to LOWS - Flightcode AWG880

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Fancy a weekend in the Tyrol?

Sunday 3rd of June 2018 @ 20:00:00 EGJJ to LEIB - Flightcode JSY983

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Island of flowers to the English peak holiday island. Take your Sun Cream with you.

Friday 8th of June 2018 @ 20:00:00 EGLL to LIML - Flightcode AWC9112

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England's Largest to Milan.

Sunday 10th of June 2018 @ 19:00:00 EGLC to ENBR - Flightcode AWG7216

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London to Bergen, Norway.