AirweGOLD offers Grand Tours of the Continents using the B757-200 carrying less than 40 high end tourists.

Over the course of a tour you will visit key locations and cities allowing you to explore the wider virtual world away from the core of our mainstream operations.

Each tour comes with its own "itinerary storybook" which you should download before starting the tour together with the freeware scenery list, which complements the tour, along with specific FMC plans available for both freeware and payware 757-200 aircraft.

The itinerary storybook will highlight destinations where additional "free flights" may be flown to adjacent sightseeing areas by our pilots.

Fly the sectors sequentially, with suitable rest periods between flights or independently, where you may have been part of a relief crew to fly specific sectors, the choice as always is yours!

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AirweGOLD Oceania Tour


AirweGOLD South America Tour